6 Australian Shepherd Breeders in Alabama AL

Australian Shepherd Breeders in Alabama AL

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Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Alabama

Finding Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Alabama can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to remember that puppies are a lot of work. Before you purchase an Australian Shepherd puppy, be sure to consider the time and effort that will be required to care for him properly.

Australian Shepherds are high-energy dogs that need plenty of exercise. If you don’t have a big yard or don’t have time to take your puppy for walks every day, then an Australian Shepherd may not be the right pet for you.

Australian Shepherd puppies also require a lot of training. They are intelligent dogs, but they can also be very stubborn. You’ll want to start training your Australian Shepherd as soon as you bring him home, and you’ll need to commit to working with him for the next 10 to 15 years.

Australian Shepherds love to chase small animals, so if you have other pets in your household, then you should be prepared for interspecies conflict. Before purchasing an Australian Shepherd puppy, make sure your other pets can get along with him.

Australian Shepherd Breeders List in Alabama

Legacy Farms Performance Quarter Horses and Australian Shepherds
Shelby, AL
Call: 205-789-8199

SummeReane Australian Shepherds
Birmingham, AL
Call: 205-743-9772

Blackwater Australian Shephers
Jasper, AL
Call: 205-471-1023

Woodland Aussies
Mount Hope, AL
Call: 256-777-6945
No Website

Johnny And June Aussies
Scottsboro, AL
Call: 256-244-6937
No Website

Bluff View Aussies
Crossville, AL
Call: 256-557-3076
No Website

What is The Average Price for An Australian Shepherd Puppy in Alabama?

Australian Shepherd puppies for sale in Alabama typically cost between $400 and $700. If you’re looking for an older or show-quality Australian Shepherd, then you can expect to pay more than that.

Purebred Australian Shepherds cost more than mixed breeds because they are healthier and more likely to pass along desirable traits to their offspring. Also, the demand for them is higher, and because breeders are more likely to invest in the health and welfare of their puppies. one

There are many reputable breeders of Australian Shepherds in Alabama, and they will be happy to answer any questions you have about the breed. Be sure to visit several breeders before making a decision, so that you can find the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Why Are These Puppies The Most Expensive?

There are many factors that influence the price of Australian Shepherd puppies. Some of these include:

  • Gender (male dogs tend to cost more)
  • Coat color (Liver is one of the most common coat colors for this breed, but other colors like blue merle and red merle may also be expensive)
  • Whether or not your puppy comes with papers (purebreds with AKC registration generally have a higher resale value than mutts)

What Are The Advantages of Owning An Australian Shepherd?

If you’re looking for a watchdog, then an Australian Shepherd may be the right pet for you. These dogs have strong herding instincts and can be aggressive towards strangers. They are also very loyal to their owners and will defend them if necessary.

Australian Shepherds are intelligent, so they learn new behaviors quickly. They also love to please their owners, which makes them easy to train.

These dogs are also very active, so they need plenty of exercise.

How to Find A Responsible Australian Shepherd Breeder in Alabama

When looking for an Australian Shepherd breeder in Alabama, it’s important to do your research. Make sure the breeder is reputable and has a good reputation.

Things to Look for When Evaluating Potential Breeders:

  1. The breeder should have a clean facility with plenty of space for the puppies to play
  2. The breeder should health test their dogs for genetic disorders
  3. The breeder should offer a guarantee on the health of their puppies
  4. The breeder should have a waiting list for puppies because this indicates that they are doing a good job of breeding healthy dogs

If you can’t find an Australian Shepherd puppy for sale in Alabama, then you may want to consider looking online. There are many reputable breeders who sell their puppies over the internet. Just be sure to do your research before you buy.

Visit Your Alabama Australian Shepherd Breeder in Person

Before you purchase an Australian Shepherd puppy, you should visit the facility where your potential puppy (and his parents) live. You should also try to meet your breeder in person before you buy a dog from them.

Questions to Ask Your Breeders About Their Dogs:

  • How long have they been breeding dogs?
  • What health problems do their dogs suffer from?
  • What genetic disorders are common to the Australian Shepherd breed?
  • What tests do they run on their dogs before breeding them? Do they share these test results with potential buyers?
  • If buying an older Australian Shepherd, how often does the dog go into heat and who normally controls this cycle (the owner or the breeder)? How much experience do you have with this breed of dog?

Visiting the breeder will also give you a chance to see the puppies’ living conditions and how well they are treated. Poorly-treated dogs may be fearful or aggressive, so it’s important to avoid breeders who don’t seem to care about their puppies.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Australian Shepherd Breeder in Alabama

A good breeder will be happy to provide references from previous buyers. Contact these people and ask them about their experience with the breeder. Were they happy with the quality of the puppies? Was the breeder helpful and knowledgeable? Did they provide a health guarantee for their puppies?

References will be able to tell you a lot about the breeder and their puppies. You can tell a lot about a breeder by the quality of their puppies’ parents. If the parents are healthy and well-treated, then there’s a good chance the puppies will be too.

Take Your Time When Buying An Australian Shepherd in Alabama

Don’t feel rushed into buying a puppy from an unscrupulous breeder. There are many responsible breeders out there who will be happy to answer your questions and allow you to visit their facility. Australian Shepherds make great pets, but it’s important to do your research before buying one.

When looking for an Australian Shepherd breeder in Alabama, it’s important to keep in mind that not all breeders are created equal. Make sure to research potential If the breeder doesn’t have any references, then you should move on to another breeder.

Does Your Alabama Australian Shepherd Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

Breeders who care about their dogs and puppies will make sure they stay healthy and get the veterinary attention they need. They should also want to share their veterinarian’s contact information with potential buyers in case there is a problem with the puppy after it leaves the breeder’s facility.

If your breeder doesn’t give you a list of veterinarians then this may be a sign that something isn’t right. Your breeder should provide you with all the information you need to keep your new puppy happy and healthy for many years to come.

A good breeder/veterinarian relationship is key to keeping your Australian Shepherd healthy.

Breeders who care about their dogs and puppies will make sure they stay healthy and get the veterinary attention they need. They should also want to share their veterinarian’s contact information with potential buyers in case there is a problem with the puppy after it leaves the breeder’s facility.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Australian Shepherd Dog Breeder in Alabama

There are some things in a breeder’s facility that may be signs of an unethical dog breeder. Some examples include:

  • A large number of dogs for sale at one time
  • Dogs or puppies living in small spaces, where you can barely turn around without bumping into something

If these are the only Australian Shepherds you saw when you visited your potential breeder, then this is probably not a good situation. Every reputable breeder should have several adult dogs and only produce one litter every few months. This ensures that the puppies get all the attention they need from their mom and dad throughout each stage of their development.

Ask The Alabama Breeder if Your Australian Shepherd Puppy Has Any Health Problems

Breeders who care about their dogs will want to ensure that they do everything possible to keep them healthy and happy. If an Alabama breeder tells you that all their dogs are checked for genetic problems and receive regular veterinary care, then they should be more than willing to provide you with this information.

Again, if the breeder doesn’t give you any information or gets angry when asked about health issues, then it may be a sign of something fishy going on. An ethical dog breeder would want someone else to tell you how good their dogs’ health is.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Australian Shepherd Puppy

Now that you’ve found a reputable Australian Shepherd breeder in Alabama, it’s time to prepare your home for your new puppy. This includes:

  • Putting away any fragile or valuable items that the puppy may be tempted to chew on
  • Making sure the puppy has a safe place to sleep and play, such as a crate or kennel
  • Creating a feeding schedule and sticking to it
  • Enrolling the puppy in obedience training classes as soon as possible
  • Once your new puppy arrives, take him or her to the veterinarian for a check-up. This is an important step in making sure your pup stays healthy and happy.

Finding a good breeder is just one part of the process of bringing an Australian Shepherd into your life. Once you bring him or her home, the real work begins.

Potty Training Your New Australian Shepherd Puppy

Before you bring your new puppy home, it’s a good idea to start potty training him or her. This will help prevent accidents and set the tone for success in the future.

There are a few things you can do to get started:

  • Take the puppy outside frequently, especially after meals and naps
  • Place Puppy Pads in an area where the puppy is likely to go and praise him or her when they use it
  • If the puppy has an accident, say “No” in a firm voice and take them outside to try again

It may take a little time, but with consistent potty training, your Australian Shepherd puppy will be able to hold it until he or she gets to go outside.

The Alabama Australian Shepherd breeder you choose will play a big role in determining the success of your pup. Make sure you do your research and find a breeder who puts their dogs’ health and

There are some great methods and options available when it comes to potty training an Australian Shepherd Puppy. It’s important to remember that this may not be an overnight process; however, with patience and consistency on your part, you should find success.

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