10 Boxer Breeders In North Carolina NC

Boxer Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

Boxers are known for their loyalty and protectiveness. They make great family pets because they love children and enjoy spending time around family members. Boxer puppies are also very intelligent animals that require mental stimulation in order to stay happy.

Boxers gained popularity in recent years and can be found in many homes throughout North Carolina. They enjoy the company of other dogs and get along well with cats and even smaller animals if they are introduced while still a puppy.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

Adult Boxers typically weigh anywhere from 55 to 100 pounds. They have short coats that require minimal grooming. A simple brush or comb through once a week will get rid of any loose hairs and keep your Boxer looking his best throughout the year.

Boxer Breeders List in North Carolina

Breeder Location Phone Website
Winn Creek Boxers Mebane, NC 336-263-7534 Website
Shamrock Boxers Tabor City, NC 910-653-3128 Website
Shamrocks Boxers Of Wendell NC Wendell, NC 919-365-9736 Website
Black Creek Kennels Godwin, NC 910-567-2013 Website
Babybull Boxers Buffalo Lake, NC 919-775-8121 Website
Portcity Boxers Wilmington, NC 910-515-0266 Website
WestPaw Boxers Wingate, NC 704-233-0128 Website
Lisa Vaught Boxers Von Drachenburg Greensboro, NC 336-327-8801 No Website
Jessica Garretson Nebo, NC 828-460-5161 No Website
Jane Shoemaker Sherrills Ford, NC 828-478-3024 No Website

Boxer Breeder Details in North Carolina

Winn Creek Boxers
Mebane, NC
Call: 336-263-7534

Shamrock Boxers
Tabor City, NC
Call: 910-653-3128

Shamrocks Boxers Of Wendell NC
Wendell, NC
Call: 919-365-9736

Black Creek Kennels
Godwin, NC
Call: 910-567-2013

Babybull Boxers
Buffalo Lake, NC
Call: 919-775-8121

Portcity Boxers
Wilmington, NC
Call: 910-515-0266

WestPaw Boxers
Wingate, NC
Call: 704-233-0128

Lisa Vaught Boxers Von Drachenburg
Greensboro, NC
Call: 336-327-8801
No Website

Jessica Garretson
Nebo, NC
Call: 828-460-5161
No Website

Jane Shoemaker
Sherrills Ford, NC
Call: 828-478-3024
No Website

Alternative Places to Purchase a Boxer Puppy

Boxer Breeders in Neighboring States

For the complete list please see our List of Boxer Breeders page.

What is The Average Price for A Boxer Puppy in North Carolina?

The average price for a boxer puppy in North Carolina is around $1,000. The price of the breed is often determined by the reputation of the individual breeder as well as any title that the puppy’s parents might have achieved.

If you are planning on purchasing your new puppy directly from a reputable boxer breeder, then you are likely going to be spending anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000 in order to bring your dog home.

Purchasing a boxer puppy in North Carolina directly from a breeder can be expensive; however, it is also the best way to ensure that you are getting an animal that has been raised with proper care. It’s possible to find them slightly cheaper through online sites or ads, but there is no guarantee that you will get what you pay for. Some breeders do not have the right facilities needed to raise healthy dogs and oftentimes these animals may be sickly or lack proper socialization skills due to improper care during development.

What Are The Extra Costs?

There are very few extra costs associated with owning a Boxer in North Carolina outside of routine vet visits, food, and other supplies that your new pet will need in order to live comfortably. You should plan on spending between $1,000 and $2,000 per year for these types of expenses; however, many people find that purchasing high-quality dog food and taking their pet to the vet at least once every six months is all they ever need to do throughout the course of the year.

Any professional boxer breeder should provide you with plenty of information on how to properly care for your puppy’s coat; however, if you choose not to follow through then it could end up costing

How to Find A Responsible Boxer Breeder in North Carolina

If you are interested in purchasing a boxer puppy in NC it is important to be educated on where they come from and what goes into the breeding process. A responsible breeder will typically keep all of their breeding dogs inside of their home and raise them with love and attention.

They should also be able to tell you about their history; including any titles that either parent might have earned. A good breeder will give you health guarantees for your new pet as well as plenty of information on how to properly take care of your Boxer throughout its life.

Responsible Boxer Breeders will typically not sell puppies to people who plan on leaving them outdoors or alone for long periods of time without supervision because it is important for them to receive plenty of attention while they are young in order for them to grow up healthy and happy.

Visit Your North Carolina Boxer Breeder in Person

It is a good idea to visit your breeder in person before purchasing a puppy. If you’re unable to do so, then it’s also a good idea to have an in-depth conversation with the breeder over the phone or through e-mail. This will give you a chance to learn as much as possible about any sire and dam as well as the environment that they were raised in.

Visiting your breeder will also give you a chance to see their home and how they keep their dogs. This will give you a better idea of what type of environment your puppy is coming from and if the breeder is someone that has invested time into raising healthy puppies.

You should be able to tell if someone is being honest with you or not from how they answer your questions and whether or not they seem knowledgeable about the breed itself. A good breeder should be willing and able to help you decide what puppy would best suit your lifestyle and family needs, which can only be done if they know everything about you.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Boxer Breeder in North Carolina

It is a good idea to always ask for references from your breeder or anyone who has purchased a puppy from them in the past. If they have any, you should be able to get in contact with at least one person who can tell you about how their experience was with the breeder and whether or not they were satisfied with the way that everything was handled.

References can also tell you a lot about whether or not the breeder is someone that you even want to do business with; which can be very helpful if they don’t seem like a good fit for you. If the person that sold the boxers to your reference isn’t willing to give them up then it’s probably due to the fact that they were not happy with whatever transaction took place and it would be in your best interest to find another breeder so as to avoid getting stuck with a pup from an unprofessional source.

If you cannot find any references, then this is something that should raise a red flag and may cause you to reevaluate why there are no people willing and able to speak on their behalf. Not having references does not necessarily mean that someone is a bad breeder; however, it does mean that you should take the time to dig a little deeper.

Ask Your North Carolina Boxer Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

If your breeder does not have any past customers or doesn’t know anyone who can speak on their behalf then you should consider this a red flag and look elsewhere. A responsible breeder will usually have plenty of satisfied buyers that are willing to share their information about the transaction with future potential owners because it helps ensure that the people they are selling their puppies to will be good homes.

Meeting past customers will also give you an idea of how the breeder interacts with their buyers and if they are willing to allow them to ask questions before, during, and after the sale. This will be extremely helpful when deciding whether or not you’re ready to work with them because it will give you a chance to get a feel for what kind of person they are, which can often make all of the difference in your overall experience.

If past customers are unwilling or unable to speak on your North Carolina Boxer Breeder’s behalf then this is another red flag that should make you reconsider doing business with them. While there may be some instances where people don’t want others knowing about the transaction; in most cases; people who have had bad experiences with breeders prefer not to keep that information to themselves.

Does Your North Carolina Boxer Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

A good breeder will not only have a veterinarian that they trust and depend on to take care of their dogs, but they will also be willing and able to share the information about them with you. If your breeder does not see any need for proper health care then it is usually an indicator that their dogs either do not receive regular checkups or that they aren’t getting vaccinated as often as they should.

A good breeder/veterinarian relationship is a mutually beneficial one and does not come as a result of the veterinarian simply doing favors for the breeder. If your breeder refuses to share information about their vets then it’s probably due to them wanting to keep you in the dark so as to prevent you from finding out what kind of treatment they are actually receiving.

It is extremely important to find out how often your breeder takes their dogs to see a vet because this can also give you an idea as to just how much attention they pay towards making sure that they stay healthy and happy. If someone cannot afford proper veterinary care then breeding these animals should be

A Reputable North Carolina Boxer Breeder Will Ask About Your Living Situation

Most breeders want to make sure that their puppies are going into a loving home where each one can thrive and receive all of the attention it deserves. You may find yourself at the receiving end of a lot of questions from your breeder which is perfectly normal.

Look Out for the Signs of An Unethical Boxer Dog Breeder in North Carolina

When looking for a breeder in North Carolina, you will want to make sure that they follow the standard guidelines and are licensed. You can usually find this information on their website or by calling your local department of agriculture. Look out for red flags when dealing with an unethical breeder in North Carolina; these may include:

  • Claiming that their lineage is rare or includes show-quality dogs without any proof. Seeing where someone’s breeding stock came from does not automatically make them either reputable or reliable; if anything it should raise further suspicion about the kind of transactions they regularly partake in.
  • Lack of Health Certificates Provided. If your breeder cannot provide valid health certificates then it’s probably safe to say they do not buy from ethical sources.
  •  Constantly being asked to pay a higher price after you have already committed. This may also happen if your breeder tries to do business over the phone and refuses to provide any documentation at first.
  • Refusing to provide their contact information, address, or name. If they won’t give you this basic information then rest assured; it is because they do not want you finding out about their sub-par breeding practices or possibly criminal background.

Remember; there are no good reasons for someone not wanting to disclose who they are unless they’re trying to hide something from you which should be cause for alarm on its own. Take the time necessary when looking at boxers in NC that will make sure that their lineage is healthy and well taken care of.

Ask The North Carolina Breeder if Your Boxer Puppy Has Any Health Problems

A reputable breeder in North Carolina will want to stand by the health of their dogs and be able to provide you with a list of problems that may exist. If your breeder cannot provide you with any information pertaining to potential health problems then this is not someone you should do business with.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Boxer Puppy

There are a number of things you will want to consider preparing for before your boxer is set to arrive. First, make sure you stock up on all of the necessary supplies like food and water bowls, toys, treats, bedding, etc. It’s recommended that you allow your puppy to relieve itself outside several times before bringing it into the house but if there has been no time for this then plan on using puppy pads or simply paper towels until you can transition them onto an outside schedule.

Remember; puppies tend to chew on everything so make sure you keep important documents like remote controls and cell phones out of reach or else they might end up getting destroyed. Puppies also love leather; if given the opportunity they will start chewing away at your furniture corners which will make for a mess to clean up.

Potty Training Your New Boxer Puppy

Training your boxer to go potty outside will get easier with time; this is one of the most important things you can do when raising your new pup. It’s recommended that you take them out every 2 hours at first and then once they’re able to hold it for an hour or two that schedule can be extended.

By the time your boxer reaches 6 months old, they should be completely housebroken as long as you’ve been giving them plenty of opportunities to go outside as well as taking them out frequently enough during the day.

Remember, patience is key when training any dog; it can be frustrating at times, but you should never hit or otherwise punish your puppy for having an accident. This will only make them more afraid of you and afraid to go near their potty areas in the future.