6 Boxer Breeders In Oregon OR

Boxer Puppies for Sale in Oregon

Boxer puppies for sale in Oregon from top-quality Boxer breeders. Find a wonderful addition to your family through the guidance of our experienced and dedicated breeders listed here.

We have found listings for many types of Boxer Breeders in Oregon. We have listed a number of helpful information below to ensure that you have everything you need before beginning your search for a new dog. Make sure when searching for a breeder close by, that there are puppies available at this time. Also try and use the internet to research any breeder that is unfamiliar to you.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

Boxers are a great breed to have in your family. They are very caring, attentive, fun-loving and great with children that are old enough to treat the dog with the respect that it needs. Boxers were originally used to keep stables clean of rodents and other pests, for this reason, boxers are known to be a bit hyperactive when introduced into new surroundings. As long as you show them where they can safely play, they will settle down quickly.

Before purchasing any puppy make sure you check all requirements by state law for owning a dog. Also, make sure you get references from any breeder before purchasing a puppy from them. Keep scrolling to see some helpful tips on finding a Boxer puppy in Oregon.

Boxer Breeders List in Oregon

Breeder Location Phone Website
Trifecta Training Center Veneta, OR 541-935-0112 Website
Burley’s Dog Ranch Portland, OR 503-936-3577 Website
Mi-T Boxers Dallas, OR 503-623-6373 Website
Pine Ridge Boxers Sherwood, OR 503-625-3614 Website
Julie Licos Wolf Creek, OR 541-761-5474 No Website
Valarie Romero Portland, OR 971-344-1107 No Website

Boxer Breeder Details in Oregon

Trifecta Training Center
Veneta, OR
Call: 541-935-0112

Burley’s Dog Ranch
Portland, OR
Call: 503-936-3577

Mi-T Boxers
Dallas, OR
Call: 503-623-6373

Pine Ridge Boxers
Sherwood, OR
Call: 503-625-3614

Julie Licos
Wolf Creek, OR
Call: 541-761-5474
No Website

Valarie Romero
Portland, OR
Call: 971-344-1107
No Website

Alternative Places to Purchase a Boxer Puppy

Boxer Breeders in Neighboring States

For the complete list please see our Boxer Breeders page.

What Is The Average Price for A Boxer Puppy in Oregon?

The average price for a boxer puppy in Oregon is usually around $650. Prices for boxers will vary depending on the breeder and their requirements, such as how many generations of registered the dog is and whether or not it has been microchipped. It is important to remember that you should never buy a puppy from someone who is unwilling to show you where the parents of this puppy live and spend most of their time.

The price for a boxer puppy can greatly depend on whether or not he is purebred. Some breeders will sell non-purebred dogs at less than half the cost of a full-bred one even though they may be just as healthy and well-behaved. The more generations away from being purebred

Make sure you do not pay for the puppy in full at the time of purchase, most breeders will ask for half down payment and half due when picking up the pup. Make sure you write up a contract that includes all details about after-care of the dog as well as any guarantees that might come with it. Make sure there are no hidden fees or anything added on to make them seem cheaper than they actually are.

How to Find A Responsible Boxer Breeder in Oregon

You should be able to find a responsible Boxer Breeder in Oregon. Always ask for references and be sure to check them with your state or local Boxer Club. You should be able to find Boxer Breeders in Oregon online with a little bit of research.

First, you will want to check our list of reputable breeders above. You can also call your local Humane Society, Animal Shelter, Animal Control Office, or Department of Agriculture office. Tell them that you are looking for reputable Boxer Breeders within Oregon, they may have someone that they can recommend that would be perfect for your needs.

In this day and age, a Google search can easily pool potential breeders in your area.

Visit Your Oregon Boxer Breeder in Person

When you finally do decide on a breeder to visit, be sure to take any other dogs with you. It is important to see their home and environment. The living conditions should allow for the dogs to come and go as they please and have plenty of room both inside and outside to play and sleep comfortably.

The parents should look healthy and happy, not abandoned or abused in any way. If there are many other Boxers at their home that seem unhealthy or unkempt then beware as this could mean that those puppies may inherit those same traits.

On your visit, ask about each parent’s health history as well as the pup’s future care, such as crate training, etc…It is also very important that you meet the parents of the puppy you are interested in, make sure they are well cared for and friendly.

In Oregon, Boxer Dogs must have a current rabies vaccine when sold. In addition to this, your new pup should also come with a health certificate from a Veterinarian, showing that he/she has been properly vaccinated and is in good health. Puppies 3 months or younger must be spayed or neutered before leaving their breeder. You will need to provide proper documentation to the seller if you choose not to fix your Boxer prior to purchase.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Boxer Breeder in Oregon

Before you make any purchase, make sure you ask for references. If the breeder is not willing to provide this information to you, it may be a sign of something wrong with them or their breeding practices. Most Breeders will be more than happy to give you referrals as long as they know that whoever they recommend is also reputable.

Before purchasing a puppy ask for references and contact them. Getting an idea of how well the breeder takes care of his or her animals as well as some customer testimonials can help make sure that the breeder is reputable and caring towards their animals.

References will also be able to tell you how it was dealing with that breeder and if they were knowledgeable about the breed. If it was a good experience, they will most likely be more than happy to tell you all of the benefits of working with that breeder.

Be sure to check out our list of recommended Boxer Breeders in Oregon above to see who might have what you are looking for.

Ask Your Oregon Boxer Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

Ask your Oregon Boxer breeder if you can meet past customers. This will help you get a good idea of what you can expect from your dog. The breeder should be able to tell you about their temperament and how they have turned out over the years.  If the past customers love their dogs then it is likely that you will too.

Meeting past customers will also let you know what it was like doing business with this breeder.  If the customers had a bad experience then you should steer clear of that breeder.

Breeders who are concerned about their reputation will be happy to give references and introductions to previous customers.  This shows that they care about what you think of them and they want your business.

References for past sales can also tell you about whether or not the puppies were healthy before they were sold to new homes.  A good breeder is one who takes care of his or her dogs, both medically and mentally.

Does Your Oregon Boxer Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

Finding a breeder who has a veterinarian is always a good option.  This shows that they care about the health of their dogs and also for potential new owners.  If you are buying a dog from someone, you want to make sure they have a vet in case something goes wrong with the dog after purchase.

A breeder who cares enough to go through expensive vaccinations and checkups before selling their puppy will do the same throughout life with their dogs.  You will be less likely to have trouble when bringing home your new pet if your kennel keeps them up to date on vaccines and yearly checkups at least.

Does Your Oregon Boxer Breeder Offer Lifetime Support?

A good breeder is one who knows their dogs and continues to support them throughout life.  They will be there for you if you ever need help with your dog, no matter how old the puppy is at the time.

When buying a dog from someone it’s important that you feel comfortable with them and that they are easy to reach.  You may not need anything right now but when an issue arises it can be very beneficial to have a breeder nearby.

A good breeder will also provide training advice for puppies, as well as any other information needed about living with a Boxer.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Boxer Dog Breeder in Oregon

If you are looking for an ethical breeder then you should watch out for the warning signs of the opposite.  An Oregon Boxer farm is likely to have these problems:

  • No Veterinarian Visits: A breeder who does not care about their dog’s health will not take them for checkups.  A good breeder gets their dogs vaccinated, fixed, and checked up on before selling them to new families.
  • More than 2 to 3 Puppies at a Time: If you see more than three puppies in the same picture then something might be wrong with that picture or it might have been photoshopped too many times.  Nobody should be breeding that many puppies at one time. There are way too many to care for them all.
  • Multiple litters: There should never be more than one litter at a time unless the first has not sold yet.  A breeder who does this is taking away homes from other dogs waiting to be adopted.
  • Markings on Puppies: If you see markings on puppies or different color eyes then this may mean that your pictures are faked and it’s probably best to beware of that breeder.
  • Quantity over Quality: A good breeder will only breed the best Boxer specimens available.  They do not care about assembling as many dogs as possible, even if they are subpar specimens.
  • Price: An ethical breeder will ask for reasonable prices, usually around $1,000.

Ask The Oregon Breeder if Your Boxer Puppy Has Any Health Problems

Most dog breeds have some health issues and you need to be aware of which ones can affect your puppy.

Some unethical breeders will not tell you about the health problems their dogs have. They will bring in healthy puppies and pass them off to new families with false information.  Many of these issues may only arise when the puppy is brought home so many people are unaware they have a sick dog until it’s too late.

An ethical breeder will be honest about your Boxer Puppy’s health issues if there are any.  This is how you find out if you can handle caring for both yourself and your dog’s special needs.  The more information an owner has, the better he or she can plan for that kind of lifelong commitment.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Boxer Puppy

Many times you will not get to see your dog before they arrive.  However, it’s important that you prepare your home before they do.  Everything should be ready for them when they come home with you on their big day.

Before bringing any new dog into the house there are items you must take out of the way like dangerous plants or things that could hurt them if chewed on or broken. Make sure cords are all tucked away and stairs are blocked off so your Boxer Puppy can’t accidentally hurt themselves while exploring their new surroundings.

You need to make sure there is enough space in your home for a puppy or else you may end up with problems later on. Make sure you have a large enough play area and plenty of toys so your Boxer Puppy doesn’t get bored while you go out to work every day.

Potty Training Your New Boxer Puppy

Most ethical dog breeders will have already started potty training their Boxer Puppies before they are even born. Some breeds are harder to train so you may need to put in a little more effort if your breeder did not take that step for you.

Either way, it’s important that you start the process as soon as possible after bringing your dog home.  Take them outside often and play with them in the yard every day. Talk to them when they do something good in the correct spot to make sure they understand what you expect of them.

However, one thing to remember is never ever to use negative reinforcement because this only makes the problem worse. It can lead to mental problems later down the road which are much harder to fix than a simple potty training issue.

Do not Punish your Boxer Puppy for Accidents- Always take your dog outside before they have the chance to make mistakes inside.

Remember, patience is key when potty training your Boxer Puppy.  It will take time to go through the process but if you are consistent, it shouldn’t last very long before they understand what you want from them.