10 Dachshund Breeders in New York NY

Dachshund Breeders in New York NY

Dachshund Puppies for Sale in New York

If you are considering adding a Dachshund to your family this site is here to help you find the best Dachshund breeder. We have helped countless numbers of people find their new pets throughout America including many celebrities who own Doxies themselves.

Dachshunds are loyal, loving dogs that make excellent pets for families. They are one of the most popular breeds in North America because they are low-maintenance dogs that don’t shed much hair which can be very helpful for people with allergies. They are not only safe around kids, but also very protective of children and shouldn’t be approached if they are laying with a child.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

Dachshunds don’t require much exercise nor do they need to be taken on walks several times per day like other dogs.

Check out our list of reputable New York dachshund breeders down below so we can help put one of these lovable pets in your home today.

Dachshund Breeders List in New York


Breeder Location Phone Website
The Left Paw, LLC New Hyde Park, NY 516-305-4220 Website
Citipups Village New York City, NY 888-400-0859 Website
Best Puppies For Sale Garden City, NY 631-388-6976 Website
NYC Breeders Brooklyn, NY 718-238-7387 Website
Puppy Paws Ozone Park, NY 718-323-7297 Website
Pamspuppies / Pamela Mielke Marathon, NY 607-849-4339 Website
Mo-Jo Miniature Dachshunds Laurens, NY 607-432-0384 Website
Desjardins Standard Poodles Hamburg, NY 716-649-4190 Website
Reevesdachs Miniature Dachshunds Owego, NY 607-689-0408 Website
Cams Dachshunds Dewittville, NY 716-753-2439 Website

Dachshund Breeder Details in New York

The Left Paw, LLC
New Hyde Park, NY
Call: 516-305-4220

Citipups Village
New York City, NY
Call: 888-400-0859

Best Puppies For Sale
Garden City, NY
Call: 631-388-6976

NYC Breeders
Brooklyn, NY
Call: 718-238-7387

Puppy Paws
Ozone Park, NY
Call: 718-323-7297

Pamspuppies / Pamela Mielke
Marathon, NY
Call: 607-849-4339

Mo-Jo Miniature Dachshunds
Laurens, NY
Call: 607-432-0384

Desjardins Standard Poodles
Hamburg, NY
Call: 716-649-4190

Reevesdachs Miniature Dachshunds
Owego, NY
Call: 607-689-0408

Cams Dachshunds
Dewittville, NY
Call: 716-753-2439

Alternative Places to Purchase a Dachshund Puppy

Dachshund Breeders in Neighboring States

For the complete list please see our Dachshund List page.

What is The Average Price for A Dachshund Puppy in New York?

The typical price for a healthy and purebred Dachshund can range anywhere from $800 to $1500. There may be added costs that go into the process such as transportation, dog food and other supplies which can be around $100 depending on where you live.

Prices for dachshund puppies might also vary because of the age, breed and location of the breeder. The younger a dachshund is, the more expensive it will be because you will receive a guarantee that your dachshund puppy will live for at least 10 years without any health conditions. This added cost might bump up their price to about $1,000 or more.

Dachshund breeders might also have different policies on how many Dachshund puppies they can sell within one litter. If a breeder has limited slots available then you may end up paying a higher price for a healthy pet as well. Just remember that asking for help from friends and family members who own dogs could help cut down some costs.

Why Breeders Are Important

Breeders are important because they provide prospective buyers with pure-breed Dachshund puppies so they can find their perfect match. These breeders have been working with this specific type of dog for many years and most likely know anything there is to know about them.

Hiring a breeder also means that you will be able to view the parents and possibly even meet them before buying your new pup.

How to Find A Responsible Dachshund Breeder in New York

Finding a responsible breeder means that you will be able to find out the breed of your future dog and also learn about their personality. These breeders should also care about where their dogs end up and monitor things like health conditions and behavior to make sure they are healthy enough for new homes.

Before purchasing a Dachshund puppy from a breeder it is important to do some research on them first. You can ask friends or family members if they know of any reputable breeders in your area.

You can also go online and look them up by doing a Google search with the words “Dachshund Breeders in New York NY” then finding one that can meet all of your needs. Remember that just because a breeder may have several different breeds that doesn’t mean they are a reputable breeder. Make sure to visit their location and meet the parents of your future puppy as well.

Visit Your New York Dachshund Breeder in Person

Your breeder should have a clean environment for all of their dogs and puppies to live in. Make sure that the breeder is calm around the animals so you can tell that they are responsible enough to care for your new pet.

Be sure to meet both parents of your future Dachshund puppy as well to understand what kind of personality your pup will have when it grows up.

Visiting your breeder in person will also allow you to create a lasting connection with them and ensure that they are someone who will care for your dog when you cannot.

What Questions To Ask Your Dachshund Breeder in New York

When meeting your breeder be sure to ask any questions you have so that they can answer them in full detail.

Your Dachshund puppy’s parents should also be on-site so that you can see what kind of breed or mix your new pet is. You will most likely know if the parents look similar to each other which means your puppy might look very similar as well.

Ask about things like how many dogs live in the area, their age and where the puppies came from. It is important to get a feel for what kind of breeder they are and how they take care of their animals.

Here is a list of “Do’s” when purchasing a Dachshund as a pet from an animal shelter or rescue:

  • Do your research on the breed so you know what to expect
  • Do ask for health clearances
  • Do meet both parents, if possible
  • Do bring your other pets with you to see how they react to the new pup


  • Don’t purchase a puppy without seeing its mother in person
  • Do not purchase a dog that has been kept outside 24/7
  • Do not purchase a puppy if it seems scared or timid around people
  • Never forget to ask to see health clearances for both your pup and its parents

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Dachshund Breeder in New York

It is important to get references from your breeder so that you can contact them in the future if needed. If they cannot provide you with any references then it might be time to look elsewhere for a Dachshund puppy.

References may include veterinarians, previous buyers and other breeders in your area. Be sure to call their references and ask questions about their experience with this breeder.

You can also ask for pictures of where the dogs were kept when they were not at the animal shelter or home with their owner. This will help give you an idea of what kind of environment they lived in which can tell you a lot about how clean and healthy it was.

Ask Your New York Dachshund Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

Ask to meet previous customers of the breeder that you are considering purchasing a puppy from. You should also ask these people if they were happy with their experience and if they would recommend this breeder too.

You should be able to tell if the other families you meet with really loved their Dachshund puppy by how much affection and time they give it. A family who is truly in love and cares for their pets will be able to give them lots of attention and love even when visitors come around.

Meeting past customers will also help you understand how long your new puppy will live as well as give you an idea of the personality it has. You should also be able to get a great idea of the temperament of the puppy you might get by meeting their puppy.

Does Your New York Dachshund Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

Most reliable breeders will also take their animals to a veterinarian for regular checkups and vaccines.

Knowing where your Dachshund puppy is getting its medical treatment from will make sure it stays healthy and happy throughout its life. It is important to ask about what kind of veterinary care they receive as well as how often.

Avoid breeders that keep their dogs in cages or mistreat them when you see them. You should only purchase a Dachshund pup if you know they are treated with love and affection at all times.

Dachshunds, like most breeds, can be prone to genetic health issues such as:

  • Hip Dysplasia: This happens when the head of the femur doesn’t properly fit into the pelvic socket which leads to arthritis and pain.
  • Deafness: Congenital deafness is common in Dachshunds especially if their parents are both deaf.
  • Luxating Patella: The kneecap pops out of place very easily, usually due to genetics or injury.
  • Heart Problems: These include problems with the heart valves as well as leaky valves.
  • Eye Problems: This can be anything from cataracts to progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) which will cause your dog to slowly go blind. They can also be prone to glaucoma, retinal dysplasia and cherry eye.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Dachshund Dog Breeder in New York

There are a lot of Dachshund breeders out there who will use pretty much any tactic to sell their animals. Here are some things you should watch for when trying to tell if your breeder is actually good or not:

An unethical breeder will have more than one dog being bred at a time.

If one dog has been bred too many times, its health could suffer which is why it’s important to only have a female Dachshund being bred once a year.

Unethical breeders may promise that their dogs have certain qualities such as being hypoallergenic or having perfect temperaments. You should never be promised this by your breeder.

You should also avoid breeders that guarantee that their Dachshund puppies will never get any genetic health problems. No one can really promise this unless they are purposely breeding unhealthy dogs together.

Ask The New York Breeder if Your Dachshund Puppy Has Any Health Problems

If your breeder has been in business for a while, it’s also important that they have experience breeding Dachshunds. If you find a breeder who is new and inexperienced, this can be a red flag since they may not know how to breed the dogs properly.

Honest and quality breeders will know exactly why their Dachshund puppies are being sold too. Ask your breeder where the parents of the New York Dachshund Puppies came from and if there were any problems with either of them. You should also ask if both parents had any genetic issues or diseases in their lineage as well.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Dachshund Puppy

You should make sure your home is prepared for when your little one arrives. Make sure you have plenty of toys or chew bones around to help keep them occupied throughout the day. They can get bored easily which is why it’s important they have something to keep themselves entertained with.

Puppy-proofing your home is also important if you have any little children or other animals. New Dachshund puppies are full of so much energy which they need to burn off somehow.

This means that your new puppy may end up chewing on things it shouldn’t be, jumping on people or climbing on couches. Puppy-proofing your home will help lessen the chances that your doxie’s behavior is destructive.

There are also a few things you should do to prepare your yard if it is not fenced in yet. You should also start feeding your Dachshund puppy the right food so its digestive tract can adjust properly before it comes home. All of these preparations will help guarantee that your new puppy has a good life living with you in New York.

Potty Training Your New Dachshund Puppy

Before bringing your new Dachshund puppy home, you should set up a potty schedule for them. This will help get them used to using the bathroom in an appropriate place and also let you start training them early on.

Dachshund puppies are small and they can’t hold their bladder or bowel movements forever and need to learn how to go when they’re supposed to.

There are some considerations every New Yorker needs to make when getting a Dachshund Puppy. For example, smaller homes with less space could make life harder for this breed of dog. You’ll want to find ways around this such as making sure your doxie has plenty of toys and chew bones around so they don’t get bored and make a mess of your home.

Remember, patience and consistency is key when potty training your new Dachshund puppy.

This will help them learn the behaviors you want and you can start shaping their habits in a positive way.