10 German Shepherd Breeders in Alabama AL

German Shepherd Breeders in Alabama AL

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Alabama

So you’ve decided to purchase a German shepherd puppy from a breeder in Alabama? Congratulations! You’ve made a smart decision. German shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and strong dogs with a keen sense of duty.

German shepherd puppies for sale in Alabama can make excellent family pets and protective guardians for your home or business. When you purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder, he or she will do everything possible to ensure that your pup is healthy and will make a great addition to your family.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

Researching German shepherd breeders in Alabama before you buy your new puppy is very important. You want to make sure that the breeder has all of his or her proper certifications for breeding dogs, including liability insurance. This will protect you against any health-related problems that your pup may have.

In addition, you want to know if the breeder has a return policy in case you are not happy with the size or appearance of your adult dog. It is also important to determine what health guarantee is being provided with your purchase and how long it will last.

German Shepherd Breeders List in Alabama

Breeder Location Phone Website
Triple S Shepherds Newville, AL 334-795-6201 Website
Haus Godwin Headland, AL 334-350-0318 Website
Petland Montgomery Montgomery, AL 334-277-2226 Website
Puppy Den Spanish Fort, AL 251-626-5248 Website
Booth Kennels Montgomery, AL 334-318-0489 Website
Hidden Creek Boerboels Dothan, AL 334-692-4405 Website
NorrisNK9 Shepherds Demopolis, AL 334-289-5501 Website
Sweet Country Shepherds Valley, AL 334-559-4935 Website
Alabama Canine Northport, AL 205-339-7794 Website
Dry Creek German Shepherds Jasper, AL 205-587-2806 Website

German Shepherd Breeder Details in Alabama

Triple S Shepherds
Newville, AL
Call: 334-795-6201

Haus Godwin
Headland, AL
Call: 334-350-0318

Petland Montgomery
Montgomery, AL
Call: 334-277-2226

Puppy Den
Spanish Fort, AL
Call: 251-626-5248

Booth Kennels
Montgomery, AL
Call: 334-318-0489

Hidden Creek Boerboels
Dothan, AL
Call: 334-692-4405

NorrisNK9 Shepherds
Demopolis, AL
Call: 334-289-5501

Sweet Country Shepherds
Valley, AL
Call: 334-559-4935

Alabama Canine
Northport, AL
Call: 205-339-7794

Dry Creek German Shepherds
Jasper, AL
Call: 205-587-2806

Alternative Places to Purchase a German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd Breeders in Neighboring States

For the complete list please see our German Shepherd Breeders nationwide listings page.

What is The Average Price for A German Shepherd Puppy in Alabama?

The average price for a German shepherd puppy in Alabama is between $300 and $700. A small litter of pups can command as much as $1,500 per dog. There are several factors that affect the price of a pup including age, breed popularity, bloodlines, champion titles, and show potential.

The average price in Alabama and similar areas of the South can be broken down as follows:

  • $300 for a 5-week old pup with limited AKC registration.
  • $500 for an 8-week old pup with full AKC registration.
  • $650 for a 12-week old pup with full AKC registration.
  • $700 for an older puppy with full AKC registration.
  • $1,500 for a show-quality puppy.
  • $2,000 or more is not uncommon for puppies with champion titles.

An average price of up to $700 for full registration may sound like a lot, but consider that you are paying that much for a bundle of happiness that will be with you for the next ten years. Your German shepherd puppy will give you unconditional love and may also provide protection, companionship, and a lifelong friendship. Is this not worth $700?

The price can vary due to several factors including:

  • Heritage – Pure breed dogs have been known to cost more than mixed breed dogs.
  • Bloodline – Dogs with significant titles can be much pricier than newcomers in the show ring.
  • Breed Popularity – The German shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the U.S., so prices will reflect this fact, especially when it comes to full registration and champion bloodlines.
  • Location – Most breeders in rural areas will charge less for a puppy than breeders in an area with a large number of people and dogs.


How to Find A Responsible German Shepherd Breeder in Alabama

It’s very easy to locate a German shepherd breeder in Alabama that produces healthy puppies. Breeders throughout the state can be found online by searching for websites that sell dogs directly from their kennels. It is also possible to find breeders at local dog shows or through newspapers, magazines, and other forms of advertising. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when finding a breeder.

Licensing – All reputable German shepherd breeders are licensed with the American Kennel Club or other kennel clubs that are part of their region’s breed club association. Breeders should have at least one member in good standing within the appropriate breed club. This can be verified by visiting their club’s websites or contacting them directly.

Reputable breeders will also have a website and as much information as possible about their dogs, including bloodlines and even x-rays for those dogs with problems such as hip dysplasia. When you visit the breeder’s site, be sure to look for words like “health” and “champion”. A breeder who specializes in producing show dogs should have some degree of specialization.

Papers – Anyone can buy a dog, so reputable breeders will require proof that you are who you say you are before allowing you to purchase their pups. This means they should ask for your name, phone number, address, and even request copies of your driver’s license or other government-issued IDs to confirm your identity.

Payment – Reputable breeders generally have a set price for their pups, so you should not have to haggle them down. They may charge more if the puppy is being shipped by air because of the additional costs.

Warranty – Reputable breeders will offer a warranty that guarantees the pup against certain health problems for at least two years. This does not cover illnesses or accidents, but major diseases of concern to German Shepherd owners such as hip dysplasia and other major hereditary defects.

Visit Your German Shepherd Breeder in Alabama in Person

Once you have located a breeder, it is not a bad idea for you to visit their home in person. To be sure that the pups are kept in a clean environment with plenty of fresh air and exercise areas where they can run around and play. You should also be able to reach into their cages and pick them up without being bitten.

Another good reason to visit your breeder is to check out their kennels. A good breeder will also provide you with a tour of the facility which should be clean, but not spotless. The dogs should appear to be well-fed and healthy. You should ask about the type of food that has been fed to your pup during his first few months.

When making a final decision about buying a German shepherd puppy, look for signs of shyness or aggressiveness toward people. Aggressive dogs are more likely to be prone to biting, whereas shy dogs can grow up to be timid and afraid of strangers.

Any signs of aggression should automatically eliminate the pup from your consideration because aggressive pups often become aggressive adult dogs. At this point, it is usually too late for them to change their behavior patterns.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your German Shepherd Breeder in Alabama

Reputable breeders will have references available to you, so it is a good idea to ask for them. This provides added protection should there be any problems with your new pup in the future. You can use these references to check on the breeder’s reputation among other customers before making your decision final.

References should include the names of buyers who have bought German shepherds from this breeder in the past. Their information should include their name, address, telephone number, and the years they were the customer of that breeder. If possible, call or visit these references to personally inquire about their satisfaction with the German shepherd puppies they received from your prospective breeder.

Ask Your Alabama German Shepherd Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

Most reputable breeders will be happy to arrange a meeting with customers who have bought their pups in the past. While you are there, look at how well-behaved and friendly these grown dogs appear to be. Greet them yourself and ask for a short interview regarding their experiences with this breeder.

You should also get to know these customers and their dogs, if possible. If you have children, take them along with you to meet these dog owners so they can see how friendly these adult dogs are around people, especially children. If any of the adults seem shy or hesitant in your presence, ask them why.

Meeting the past customers and their pets will reveal a lot about the breeder and the types of dogs he/she produces.

Does Your Alabama German Shepherd Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

This is perhaps the most important question for any buyer to ask a breeder. Reputable breeders usually have good relationships with at least one veterinarian in the area where they live. A reputable breeder will know which vets are knowledgeable about their particular type of dog and which ones offer low-cost spaying services, vaccinations, and neutering services.

The breeder will also be able to ask about the veterinarian’s experience with German shepherds, as well as other breeds.

Never buy a pup from a breeder who cannot supply you with qualified veterinarian references for their pups or who is not willing to give you a list of vets he/she uses and trusts.

Look Out for The Signs of An Unethical German Shepherd Dog Breeder in Alabama

Some unethical breeders will lie to their customers and potential buyers, so you always need to be extra careful when dealing with such a breeder. The following list of warning signs can help you avoid an unethical German shepherd dog breeder:

  • The seller does not offer the AKC registration papers for the pup.
  • The seller cannot provide vet references for the pup.
  • The seller claims to be a champion breeder but cannot provide you with any proof of this claim.
  • If your Alabama German Shepherd Breeder is Unable to Answer Your Questions, Be Skeptical
  • A reputable breeder should be happy and willing to answer all of your questions about the pups and the breed in general. If you feel like your questions are not being answered to your satisfaction, then move on to another breeder.


Ask The Breeder if Your German Shepherd Puppy Has Any Health Problems

A reputable breeder will not hesitate for a moment when answering this question. He/She should tell you about any problems that the German shepherd puppies he breeds might have, or if they are free of health issues.

A good breeder has an excellent reputation and is proud of the dogs he/she produces. A good breeder will also want you to be aware of any health issues and what steps they take to ensure that this issue does not become a problem for their puppies in the future.

When visiting your prospective puppy’s parents, look them over carefully and check if there are any signs that either is ill or has been injured recently. A good breeder will tell you anything you need to know about the health issues or injuries of either parent dog.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your German Shepherd Puppy

When you bring your new puppy home, there are several things that you need to do immediately. Some of these steps include:

The most important decisions that you will make for your dog revolve around the type of crate you choose and where in your house it will be kept.

While most puppies can be trained not to eliminate indoors if they are properly potty-trained, you still need to buy a crate for your new dog.

Puppies can be very destructive if they are not given something to keep them occupied when unsupervised. For this reason, it is best to invest in one of the most durable chew toys on the market so that your German shepherd doesn’t chew on those shoes or your furniture.

Crating Your Puppy While You’re Away From Home

If you work during the day, then your new German shepherd pup will have to be in a crate when you are gone. While most pups can hold their bladders for up to four hours at a time by the time they are four months old, this is still a good idea if you want to leave your puppy.

Potty Training Your New German Shepherd Puppy

The most important thing to remember about potty training your puppy is that this process will not happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience and dedication, but if you can stick to it, then your pup will be potty-trained in no time.

The best way to potty-train your new puppy is to take him outside every two hours. If you wait longer than this, the chances are he will have an “accident” inside.

If you choose to crate your pup when you work all day (or even when out of the house for a few hours), make sure that you take him out of his crate at the same time every day, and immediately take him outside to go to the bathroom.   You can also leave a kitchen timer next to his crate so that he can learn when it is time for you to be let out.

This is especially important when your dog is a puppy.

We’re so happy to provide you with a few tips when researching your German Shepherd puppy. We hope it helps you find the perfect puppy.

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