9 German Shepherd Breeders in Maryland MD

German shepherd breeders in Maryland md

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Maryland

If you are considering buying a German Shepherd puppy in Maryland, this article will help prepare you for the experience.

Puppies can be purchased from dog breeders and dog or cat owners. If you decide to buy a pup from a breeder, select one who has obtained at least some of his breeding stock from respectable breeders; is involved with several local dog clubs; is active in canine sports such as agility and flyball; and belongs to conformation organizations that set standards and allow their members to compete for championship titles. The title “champion” means that dogs within a certain lineage have won numerous championships.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

When selecting your puppy, take time to observe the condition of the dam (the mother) as well as the surrounding facilities. If a bitch is in poor condition, chances are she does not get enough to eat and/or has poor living conditions.

If the pups have been weaned for more than four weeks, take time to handle them. They should be friendly and curious about you while respecting your personal space. Avoid any puppy that is overly fearful or aggressive towards people; this means he was either improperly socialized by the breeder or abused after leaving his mother’s care.

Pick out a pup that seems healthy, with no discharge from eyes or nose. Look at the puppy’s skin; it should not be flaky or dry, and there should be no bald patches on his coat.

German Shepherd Breeders List in Maryland

Arrowwood Shepherds, Inc.
Years in Business: 3+
Woodbine, MD
Call: 410-804-2714

Damascus Von Der Wald
Years in Business: 7+
Damascus, MD
Call: 202-415-9709
No Website

Diamond Kennels and Training Facility
Years in Business: 10+
Frederick, MD
Call: 240-415-6294

Haus Morrisson German Shepherds
Years in Business: Unknown
Boonsboro, MD
Call: 240-626-8110

HaysHill Shepherds
Years in Business: Unknown
Dickerson, MD
Call: 301-605-3932

Llenroc K9
Years in Business: 5+
Gaithersburg, MD
Call: 443-955-1918
No Website

Misty Ridge Animal Resort & German Shepherds
Years in Business: 10+
New Windsor, MD
Call: 410-875-2045

Mountain Pride German Shepherds
Years in Business: 5+
La Vale, MD
Call: 301-245-1777

Sweetwater Labradors
Years in Business: 7+
Stevensville, MD
Call: 410-643-7739

What is the Average Price for a German Shepherd Puppy in Maryland?

The average price for a German Shepherd Dog Breeders in Maryland is $1,200.00. The cost of the breed will depend on the breeder and pedigree of the dog you’re interested in buying. The average cost of a non-purebred puppy is between $400 to $1,000, with most puppies selling for around $500. Prices can vary depending on who the parents are. When buying from reputable breeders, you’ll pay more for purebred dogs than you will for mixed breeds or mutts because it costs more to produce healthy purebred dogs compared to mixed breeds or mutts that usually come from random litters without any parental history or health testing

How to find a responsible German Shepherd Breeder in Maryland

Is the German Shepherd Breeders in Maryland registered with the AKC? Do they have photographs of their dogs online? Do they provide descriptions, or can you see photos of parents, grandparents? You might ask to talk to former buyers. These are all good questions to consider when looking for a responsible dog breeder. Not all puppies are cute as youngsters so take that into consideration also.

While it’s true not every puppy grows up to be a show winner or even a great pet, many do. If you want your dog specifically trained for work like Guarding, Search and Rescue, Therapy Dogs, etc., then finding a reputable breeder will help ensure you get what you pay for; though keep in mind you will pay more for quality. Many times people look for the cheapest price; however, you get what you pay for and this is especially true when it comes to buying a puppy from an irresponsible breeder.

The German Shepherd Breeders in Maryland may only breed one or two litters per year and the female dog has just one heat cycle per year. Some breeders will not sell their puppies to just anybody who is interested in purchasing a German Shepherd Dog Puppy . They reserve the right of approval and would like to talk with you on the phone first before they allow you to buy a puppy from them. If they don’t care enough about their dogs to take five minutes out of their day to speak with potential buyers then why should we trust they have taken care of their dogs?

Visit Your German Shepherd Breeder in Maryland in Person

Even if you had a bad experience with one German Shepherd Dog Breeder in Maryland it shouldn’t stop you from visiting others. They may have different methods of doing things and would be willing to show their facilities and adult dogs. You will know right away whether the German Shepherd Breeders in Maryland is reputable or not by how they conduct business and treat their animals. If they are relaxed, relaxed about their dogs and puppies this is a good sign; but if they appear tense, stressed out and impatient for your visit to end then this is definitely not the place for you to buy a puppy from. When most people choose to buy a German Shepherd Dog Puppy , especially as a pet, we want our new furry friend to be part of the family for his entire life. We don’t want to worry about our dog being bitten by another animal or having a genetic disease that will cause them pain and suffering.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your German Shepherd Breeder in Maryland

So you want to buy a puppy from your German Shepherd Breeder in Maryland? After talking with the breeder on the phone or emailing, have them give you their references. Make sure you call all of them and ask if they were satisfied with the quality of puppies they bought from this breeder. As a matter of fact, many times a reputable breeder will give names of people who did not purchase dogs from them because he knows some buyers are only going to be happy if they find something wrong even when there aren’t any problems. If one person mentions that their dog had health issues then that does not mean it is true for every German Shepherd Dog Puppy this breeder has sold; especially since most breeders do everything

Does Your Maryland German Shepherd Breeder Have a Good Vetenarian They Use?

Whenever you purchase a puppy from the German Shepherd Dog Breeders in Maryland make sure they give you the name and phone number of their veterinarian. If your breeder doesn’t have one then he should be able to suggest one for you. Call this doctor’s office to verify whether or not they are experienced with dogs of that breed; ask if they’ve ever seen any type of genetic disorders or diseases that tend to run in that particular dog breed. You want to make sure your new pet is healthy and will live for many years before anything serious happens. You can also visit Your Internet Search Engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo etc., Type “Beware Of The Puppy Scams” & Find out more information about the scams related online.

Look Out For The Signs of An Unethical German Shepherd Dog Breeder in Maryland

German Shepherd Dog Breeders in Maryland that sell pets at pet stores or through classified ads are not the only unethical breeder you will find. There are plenty of unethical breeders who will come right out and tell you their dogs aren’t registered with the AKC but they assure you this is not a problem for them. This is an obvious sign of an unethical.

Ask The Breeder if Your German Shepherd Puppy has any Health Problems

Before buying a puppy from the German Shepherd Dog Breeders in Maryland make sure to ask them if your new furry friend is free of any genetic diseases and illnesses. If they seem hesitant to answer this question, even if their dog and puppies appear healthy and happy there’s a good chance they will develop health problems as he or she gets older. The best breeders provide you with all the necessary information on your puppy before you purchase him or her; including what type of Vaccination he/she has received, their parents’ history of health issues as well as what type of food your new pet eats. Unethical breeders don’t take proper care of their own dogs so why should we expect them to take care of our pets?

Ask you Maryland German Shepherd Breeder if you can Meet Past Customers

It’s always a good idea to make sure the German Shepherd Dog Breeders in Maryland you are dealing with has plenty of happy customers; if they don’t, it may be time for you to move on. If you ask the breeder if you could meet past puppy owners, see how many people actually say yes. A reputable breeder won’t have a problem inviting his or her previous clients over so that you can talk with them about their new pets and their experience purchasing from this dog fancier

How to Prepare Your Home for You German Shepherd Puppy

Before you bring Your German Shepherd Puppy Home, Make Sure You Have The Following Ready:

  • A Crate – Even if you plan to let your dog sleep in bed with you it is always a good idea to start out using a crate. This will make it easier for house training and also provide somewhere comfortable for the dog when he’s home alone. Crate training should begin as soon as possible since German Shepherd Dogs like to chew things and could even eat items they shouldn’t be eating if given the chance. They can quickly cause considerable damage and expensive repairs; not to mention how dangerous that can become if they eat something poisonous.
  • Comfortable Dog Bed – If the puppy spends most of his time sleeping in a crate then he’ll need something to lay on when he’s sleeping at night or napping during the day.
  • Food – Once you bring Your German Shepherd Puppy Home, He’ll Need A Healthy Diet To Keep Him Growing At The Right Pace For His Breed. There are different foods that will help him develop into a strong and healthy dog; especially since they grow extremely fast in their first year of life. If your breeder has brand preferences make sure you follow them closely; same goes for how much to feed him each day. If you go against his wishes it could lead to serious health problems down the road.
  • Chew Toys – German Shepherd Dogs like to chew things so make sure you purchase plenty of toys that are made for dogs. These items can be purchased just about anywhere and they need to be replaced frequently in order to keep your furry friend from chewing on other items in the house since you do not want them eating things they shouldn’t.
  • Blankets – If you don’t have a crate then at least purchase a special blanket for your new pet. This will help him feel more comfortable when he’s home alone and also provide him with something that smells like his family. If he has an accident it’s much easier to launder this blanket than having to wash an entire bed or furniture item.

Potty Training Your New German Shepherd Puppy

House training a German Shepherd Dog can be a lengthy process depending on how often he has accidents. The best thing you can do is try to stick with the same schedule each day until your pet gets used to it.

  • When You Wake Up in the Morning Take Him Out To Use The Bathroom First Thing -If you’re like most people, when you wake up in the morning you go right to the bathroom; so if your dog goes out first thing then this will make things easier for him because after that’s done everything else will likely follow suit.
  • Try Not To Expose Your New Puppy To Many Different Scents Otherwise He May Get Confused -It might seem like fun to bring home all kinds of new items for your German Shepherd Dog but this can be rather confusing. You should keep him in one room of the house for a few days and allow him to get used to everything before moving onto another area of the home.
  • Don’t Take Your New Puppy Out In Public Too Soon -The first thing you should do is wait until he has all his shots before you take him outside even if it’s just to the side yard. The veterinarian will give him a shot that will help prevent diseases from spreading through your new pet; also avoid going anywhere where there are a lot of people until he’s had all his necessary injections as well as a full vet checkup.