5 Maltese Breeders In Wisconsin WI

maltese breeders in wisconsin wi

Maltese Puppies for Sale in Wisconsin

Since the mid-1930s, the Maltese dog breed has been referred to as “an aristocrat among canines.” The small dogs with long, flowing white hair and bright eyes capture attention everywhere they go, and there is no doubt that this pooch has a distinctive appearance. But what many people may not know is that these little animals are also social animals, who crave human attention and companionship, making them excellent pets for families who want an active pet.

Many people purchase Maltese puppies because they enjoy the look of the breed – indeed, many of these pups would be almost too cute to resist. However, once they get home and start interacting with the little dog, they realize that their new pet is not as easy to care for as they thought.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

The truth is that Maltese puppies can be high-maintenance pets. They do not like to be left alone for long periods of time and quickly become bored if there is nothing for them to do. This means that if you have to be away from home for work or school, you need to have someone who can care for your pet.

However, this does not mean that owning a Maltese puppy is not worthwhile. These dogs can be extremely rewarding, have a great personality and need only minimal grooming. In fact, they almost appear to be too good to be true. If you want very few responsibilities and a lovable companion, then the Maltese may just be the perfect fit.

Let us help you find your perfect puppy. Check out our list of reputable Maltese breeders in Wisconsin down below.

Maltese Breeders List In Wisconsin

Breeder Location Phone Website
Ohpuppylove Lena, WI 920-834-2028 Website
Wisconsin Puppy Patch Chilton, WI 920-464-0359 Website
Top Of The Ridge Kennel Kendall, WI 608-344-0707 Website
Petland Racine Racine, WI 262-598-1201 Website
Gorgeous Maltese Puppies Home Boscobel, WI 240-309-2748 Website

Maltese Breeder Details In Wisconsin

Lena, WI
Call: 920-834-2028

Wisconsin Puppy Patch
Chilton, WI
Call: 920-464-0359

Top Of The Ridge Kennel
Kendall, WI
Call: 608-344-0707

Petland Racine
Racine, WI
Call: 262-598-1201

Gorgeous Maltese Puppies Home
Boscobel, WI
Call: 240-309-2748

Alternative Places to Purchase a Maltese Puppy

Maltese Breeders in Neighboring States

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What Is The Average Price for A Maltese Puppy in Wisconsin?

The average price for a Maltese puppy in Wisconsin is right around $1,100.

Purebred puppies will come with registration papers and pedigree records and will be more expensive than the average price. Rare colors such as apricot, grey and black will also garner a higher than average price.

Also, depending on your location, you may have to pay higher prices for your Maltese puppy. For example, in popular cities such as Milwaukee and Madison, the average price will be higher as demand for this breed is very high. However, if you are searching for a particular color or specific breeder, you should expect to pay more even if you live in a less populated area.

Typically, if you plan on getting a Maltese dog with top-quality pedigree papers from a reputed organization like the American Kennel Club (AKC), then expect to spend about $1,700 per pup.

Is It Possible to Find A Free Maltese Puppy in Wisconsin?

If you are looking to get a free Maltese dog, it is important to note that there are no reputable breeders who give away their puppies for free.

There are always health-related costs involved, so if someone tells you they can procure a puppy at no charge, then be wary as the reason for this low price will almost certainly lead back to some kind of illness or disease.

Although there may be other reasons why your new Maltese pup might have come at no cost – perhaps you won’t need to pay transportation fees – expect to pay at least around $400 even in these rare circumstances.

How to Find A Responsible Maltese Breeder in Wisconsin

There are many myths and incorrect information surrounding the Maltese breed. Many people believe that it can be easily bought at places like pet stores or puppy mills, but this is simply not the case.

The reality is that these pups will only come from legitimate and responsible breeders who care about their animals and follow strict breeding practices to produce healthy pets with verified pedigrees.

When looking for a reputable breeder in your area, look for those who have been members of local kennel clubs such as the American Maltese Association (AMA) or the National Kennel Club (NKC). These organizations require their members to adhere to strict breeding standards and regulations, so if you find a member, you know they are likely to be a legitimate breeder.

Also, investigate the business to see if they have been in operation for several years and not just a few months. Reputable breeders do not stay around for long as they tend to stick with one particular breeding line rather than branch out into new breeds or colors, which is a sign that they might be in it for the wrong reasons.

Visit Your Wisconsin Maltese Breeder in Person

After you have narrowed down your list of potential breeders, the next step is to visit them in person.

As with any breeder, it is important that you meet them face-to-face. If you cannot do so in person then ask for a detailed description of what their pups look like and their specific place of residence.

Visiting your potential breeder will allow you to verify that the information they have provided to you is accurate and that they follow breeding practices that ensure healthy babies. You will also see your potential pup’s parents, which allows you to assess their demeanor and find out whether or not they are friendly and well-socialized.

Most importantly, try to inspect the facilities and living conditions where the dogs are kept before buying this puppy. They may provide all kinds of information about how much time they spend with their dogs, but if you see that many of them are kept in dirty or cramped cages, then this is not the breeder for you.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Maltipoo Breeder in Wisconsin

Before taking the plunge and paying for a dog from one particular breeder, ask them for references. If they have been breeding Maltese dogs for several years then they should be able to provide you with the names and contact information of past customers.

These references will allow you to speak with people who adopted puppies from your breeder in the past and can tell you first-hand what it is like to buy a pet from them as well as how their pups turned out several years later.

Keep in mind that if potential breeders do not offer references then this may be an indicator that something is amiss with their business such as dishonest practices or possible animal abuse.

Ask Your Wisconsin Maltese Breeder If You Can Meet Past Customers

As the buyer, you also have the right to ask potential breeders if you can speak with previous customers and see their puppies.

This will allow you to actually meet these former owners yourself and hear what they like and dislike about their pups as well as whether or not they would recommend them to other people. The breeder should be able to give you contact information for at least three past clients that will confirm that they were happy with their purchase from this business.

Meeting past customers will allow you to see the temperament of their puppies and whether or not they are well-socialized with a good temperament.

Does Your Wisconsin Maltese Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

If you are dealing with a breeder who breeds Maltese dogs, then it is likely that they have a relationship with a veterinary clinic. If this is the case, then this could be good news for you as they will likely have an interest in maintaining the health of their pups and ensuring that all customers are satisfied with them.

A good breeder/veterinarian relationship is a sign that they care about their dogs and are committed to producing healthy, happy pups.

An experienced breeder would want to form a relationship with a veterinarian so that both parties can ensure the optimal health of the animals involved throughout the process from conception to birth.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Maltese Dog Breeder in Wisconsin

An unethical breeder of Maltese dogs is one that sells sick, poorly bred or deformed pups to customers. They may also outright lie about their practices and the health of the puppies they sell. For instance, some unethical breeders will claim that they are not involved in breeding but end up selling you a pup without papers (which means it is likely from an unhealthy line).

Avoid working with this type of breeder at all costs as there are plenty of reputable businesses out there who will provide you with healthy pups that have been well taken care of during the entire process.

If you suspect that your potential breeder falls into this category then do not buy your dog from them as they are either deliberately harming animals or just ignorant about proper breeding practices.

If you think you might have come into contact with an unethical breeder, please contact your local authorities.

Ask The Wisconsin Breeder If Your Maltese Puppy Has Any Health Problems

The breeder should be able to tell you what health problems your pet may face in the future. Maltese dogs are prone to several genetic conditions which could lead to illness or even death later on in life if they are not treated properly.

Of course, this is not always possible due to the fact that some diseases do not present themselves until much later in life and there is no way of predicting them with 100% accuracy. However, the most reputable breeders will give you an idea of what type of issues your pup might face so you can decide whether or not they are worth taking a risk on.

Walk away if you are given vague answers about health problems.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Maltese Puppy

You will need to prepare your home for the arrival of your new pet as all dogs deserve a safe and comfortable place to live.

The process involves making sure that there are plenty of safe spaces where your dog can rest or play, especially if they have sensitive paws. As a general rule of thumb cover any area that is made of wood with a rug or carpet since Maltese dogs enjoy snuggling with their families on the floor.

In addition, you should make sure that they have access to proper food bowls and water containers. You also need to make sure you purchase high-quality foods from reputable businesses as this will impact their long-term health in a positive way.

Consider purchasing any necessary supplies such as leashes, beds, toys, etc.

Lastly, puppy-proofing is essential to ensuring that your dog does not get into anything dangerous while they are exploring their new home. For instance, you should take away any small objects that Maltese dogs could swallow such as coins, harmful chemicals and/or wires.

As long as you properly prepare your home for your new pet, they will have no trouble transitioning to their new environment and they will be happy in the long run.

Potty Training Your New Maltese Puppy

Potty training is one of the first things you will have to do with your new Maltese puppy.

Start by taking your Maltese to the same area every time you take them out.

When they do their business, give them plenty of praise and maybe even a small treat so that they know this is an activity you approve of.

If you catch them doing anything in the wrong place, simply say no firmly but without raising your voice too much or acting overly angry with your dog. This will let them know that there was something wrong with what they just did and it should not be repeated again.

Give lots of praise when they do the right thing and remember, patience and consistency are crucial to potty training.

How to Introduce Your Maltese Puppy to Other Pets

Introducing your new Maltese puppy to other pets in your household is crucial if you want them to get along with each other. If you do not properly introduce them then it is likely that one of them will feel threatened by the presence of another and this could lead to problems down the line.

The first step should be bringing their food bowl into close proximity with each other’s so that they can become familiar with each other’s scent. Once they are comfortable with this, you can introduce them face to face under your watchful eye.

Do not force them together if they are becoming nervous or anxious – you should end the interaction and try again another time.

If you do this process gradually and patiently then it is likely that your other pets will become friends in no time.