5 Maltipoo Breeders In North Carolina NC

maltipoo breeders in north carolina nc

Maltipoo Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

The Maltipoo is a designer breed developed from crossing the Maltese and Poodle breeds. The result is a small dog with an outgoing, extroverted personality that loves to be around people.  They love to play and interact with their family’s children and enjoy spending time with the whole family wherever they go. They are very friendly dogs who have been known to seek out strangers in order to give them love.

These adorable hybrids are non-shedding, hypoallergenic, loyal companions that make wonderful pets for families looking for their first dog or those who already have other canine friends. These delightful doggies are smart but can easily become bored if not given enough exercise or mental stimulation so it’s important for them to be strict about regular play and exercise routines. They love to learn tricks and games and can easily become house favorites with their winning personalities.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

The Maltipoo is a small dog, weighing about ten pounds at adulthood, with silky soft fur that does not shed or cause allergies. As long as they are groomed regularly these dogs do not need any special care other than basic grooming such as brushing and bathing occasionally. Health concerns may include heart problems, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, eye disorders, and deafness in some dogs.

Maltipoos should be kept on a leash when not in a fenced area because of their strong prey drive – it’s important to always know where their family is.

Let us help you find the perfect Maltipoo for your family.

Maltipoo Breeders List In North Carolina

Breeder Location Phone Website
Happytail Puppies Pink Hill, NC 855-999-6623 Website
Athena’s Dream House Charlotte, NC 704-807-6789 Website
Charlotte Dog Club Cleveland, NC 704-761-6389 Website
HealthyPups Roaring River, NC 336-957-3609 Website
Ginger’s Maltese Zebulon, NC 919-766-1171 Website

Maltipoo Breeder Details in North Carolina

Happytail Puppies
Pink Hill, NC
Call: 855-999-6623

Athena’s Dream House
Charlotte, NC
Call: 704-807-6789

Charlotte Dog Club
Cleveland, NC
Call: 704-761-6389

Roaring River, NC
Call: 336-957-3609

Ginger’s Maltese
Zebulon, NC
Call: 919-766-1171

Alternative Places to Purchase a Maltipoo Puppy

Maltipoo Breeders in Neighboring States

For the complete list please see our Listings of Maltipoo Breeders page.

What Is The Average Price for A Maltipoo Puppy in North Carolina?

The price of Maltipoos for sale in North Carolina varies with the quality of the dog’s bloodlines, its training, and socialization, ease of placement, breeder location, litter size, mother’s temperament, color of coat.

The average price is between $800 and $1000.

How to Find A Responsible Maltipoo Breeder in North Carolina

The Maltese is a loving, quiet companion that thrives on human interaction.  Poodles also need lots of attention and care especially if they have been given the job as a family dog as these intelligent dogs enjoy being involved in all family activities. This hybrid makes a wonderful watchdog because this breed will bark when it senses danger or anything out of the ordinary.

A Maltipoo puppy from a reputable breeder will be from parents carefully selected for their health, temperament, conformation to breed standards, and trainability. It is important to visit various breeders to select a reputable one who will provide written documentation about the puppy’s date of birth, lineage/family history, and veterinarian records including inoculations.

Visit Your North Carolina Maltipoo Breeder in Person

A reputable breeder will not only give a health guarantee but also be available to help with decisions and provide guidance as the puppy grows.  It is important to find a breeder who is knowledgeable about these dogs as they can also provide information on socialization, training, and disciplining as well as feeding requirements for this small breed.

The Maltipoo is very popular in North Carolina because of its loving, cheerful personality. These gorgeous little dogs are intelligent, easy to train, and make wonderful companions for families looking for their first canine buddy or those already having other pets at home including cats and larger dogs. They adore children so if you have kids this hybrid would be an ideal addition to your family.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Maltipoo Breeder in North Carolina

A reputable breeder will be able to provide you with names of previous Puppy buyers as well as at least two professional contacts who can also vouch for them.

Once you have chosen your breeder, visit their home and ask to see where the puppies are being kept.  The cleanliness of this facility is extremely important as it ensures that the dogs are receiving proper care.

The references should be able to report on how well the breeder takes care of their dogs and also provide information on the type of food that is being fed to the puppies. Maltipoos are generally healthy but it is important for this hybrid to receive proper nutrition during its formative period.

Ask Your North Carolina Maltipoo Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

You should be allowed to meet some of their previous puppy buyers.  It is important for you to be able to interact directly with the buyer and also see how well they cared for their new pet.

Meeting past customers will be able to provide you with first-hand information as it relates to the breeder’s character and the care given to these dogs. You can also meet their puppy so you can see the environment in which it has been raised.

Does Your North Carolina Maltipoo Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

A good breeder will have a veterinarian that they use and can provide you with contact information.

You should also ask to see all their veterinary records which should include the date of inoculations, any medication given, and the general health of your puppy.  It is essential for these dogs to receive their initial vaccinations since this hybrid is very prone to allergies that can cause major health problems if not treated from the outset.

A good breeder/veterinarian relationship is essential to the health and well-being of these dogs.  The breeder should be able to provide you with a list of documents that indicate whenever they take their puppies to see their veterinarian for general checkups as well as any inoculations.  They should not allow too much time between visits and certainly no more than 2 weeks.

Reputable breeders will want to be involved with every stage of your Maltipoo’s life including those first few months, training, and even introducing them into their new homes. They also make sure that all children in the family are old enough (10 years+) and large enough (100 lbs+) so as not to scare or injure the puppy during playtime.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Maltipoo Dog Breeder in North Carolina

It can be difficult to distinguish between bad and good breeders so it is important for you to stay alert and keep your eyes open during the process.  This will help ensure that you find a breeder who is responsible, knowledgeable, and ethical in their dealings.

An unethical breeder may not always provide veterinary records which include inoculations, medication given, results of tests or general health of puppies.  They should show all this information before allowing any contact with the puppies themselves. Please report any unethical breeders in your state.

Do Not Be Pressured into Buying A Puppy from Maltipoo Breeders In North Carolina

A reputable breeder would never pressure you into buying one of their dogs especially if they have more than one or two available at a time.  They would rather wait and find the right home for each puppy than to just sell them off as soon as they are old enough.

An unethical breeder will not be nearly as patient nor do they care which home their puppies go to.  They want your money and may resort to using high-pressure sales tactics such as telling you that other buyers are looking at this dog or even bringing in a second litter before giving you time to respond.

High-quality Maltipoo breeders in North Carolina should always provide references rather than ask for yours. They should also make sure that there is no time limit on how long it takes an interested buyer to decide whether or not to purchase one of their dogs. If a breeder feels the need to rush the sale, this should be a major red flag.

Do Not Be Afraid To Take Your Time When Choosing A Maltipoo Breeder in NC

Though it may be tempting to purchase one of these dogs right away after falling in love with them, it is best if you take some time first to ensure that they are healthy and raised in an ethical environment.

It is important to look for signs of aggression in all breeding adults as well as their offspring.  This should include the parents and other relatives that are found within the first 3 generations because these traits can be passed down through hereditary factors. It will tell you a lot about whether or not this dog could cause problems with children, family members, friends, strangers, etc., in the future if they already show aggressive behavior now.

When looking at puppies it is best to observe how they interact with each other and with you during play sessions rather than just watching them eat or sleep.  They should display normal behavior such as playing with toys, playing roughly (but without hurting each other), licking/sniffing you clean, barking or making other typical puppy noises, etc.

Ask The North Carolina Breeder if Your Maltipoo Puppy Has Any Health Problems

If the breeder says no, be suspicious. All breeds of dogs are susceptible to health problems. You need to know what your breed is dealing with.

High-quality breeders, especially those with healthy dogs should allow you to see proof of veterinary visits for your dog as well as any medical history that may exist. They will also offer a health guarantee if things do occur later on down the line.

When meeting the parents you should see strong, healthy specimens that are free of any obvious signs of disease or injury.

Be Wary Of Breeders Who Offer Too Many Puppies for You to Choose From

You should never have to choose from more than 2-3 litters at a time when looking for Maltipoo breeders in North Carolina. If there is more than this, this may be an indication that they indiscriminately breed their dogs and do so far too often.  This can result in health problems for both the puppies and their parents as well as overcrowded conditions in the kennel where they live.

Some unethical breeders will also try to convince you to take two or even three puppies at once which will result in overcrowding and frustration for you as well. This is because they will be trying to make more money off your purchase, not caring for your best interests.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Maltipoo Puppy

You should never bring a Maltipoo puppy home to a completely empty house.  There are a few things that you will need in order to make your new pet feel comfortable and safe, especially during the first 24 hours.

These include:

  • Food bowls
  • A bed or crate where they can sleep
  • Fresh water at all times – A leash and collar for walks
  • Toys for chewing and exercising

Because of their small size, this is one breed that does not need much space when it comes to potty training. Just about any surface within your home will do as long as it is consistent. They do best with a schedule so be sure to take them out every 2-3 hours until they get used to going on command outside.

Once they are housebroken it is important to provide them with a safe and comfortable place indoors where they can retreat from the world.  This is especially true during extremely hot or cold weather as well as when you are away from home for long periods of time.

Potty Training Your New Maltipoo Puppy

Maltipoos are small in stature compared to other breeds, but they can be just as difficult to train when it comes to housebreaking.  For this reason, it is important that you do not give up if the process isn’t happening fast enough.

Potty training Maltipoo puppies takes anywhere from 6-12 months for them to become completely reliable when left alone at home without any accidents.  This may sound like a long time but you must remember that their size works against them when they need help learning how to hold themselves during the day (and night).

Remember that consistency is key here.  If you take your puppy outside every two hours and then let them do their business inside anyway, they will never learn when it is appropriate to go.  You must take them out during designated times and be patient when they are trying their very best not to go.  Then you can reward them for a job well done with plenty of love and affection.