4 Pitbull Breeders in Maryland MD

Pitbull Breeders in Maryland MD

Pitbull Puppies for Sale in Maryland

Maryland has no shortage of great pitbull breeders.

Here at ReadPlease, we have listed some of the top-rated ones in the state, based on their experience, professionalism, and the quality of their dogs.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

These breeders have been vetted and are dedicated to matching each family with the right pup for their lifestyle and needs.

Take a look at our list of Maryland pitbull breeders to find your perfect match today

Pitbull Breeders List in Maryland

Breeder Location Phone Website
Waterview Pits Kennel Arnold, MD 410-940-5554 No Website
Baltimore Bred Bullies, LLC. Owings Mills, MD 443-436-2559 Website
Weight In Gold Kennels Baltimore, MD 443-813-0570 No Website
Top Ranked UKC Purple Ribbon APBT Salisbury, MD 410-726-6427 No Website

Pitbull Breeder Details in Maryland

Waterview Pits Kennel
Arnold, MD
Call: 410-940-5554
No Website

Baltimore Bred Bullies, LLC.
Owings Mills, MD
Call: 443-436-2559

Weight In Gold Kennels
Baltimore, MD
Call: 443-813-0570
No Website

Top Ranked UKC Purple Ribbon APBT
Salisbury, MD
Call: 410-726-6427
No Website

Alternative Place to Purchase A Pitbull Puppy

Pitbull Breeders in Other States

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What Is The Average Price for A Pitbull Puppy in Maryland?

Puppy prices can vary depending on the breeder, but in general, you can expect to pay around $800-$1,200 for a healthy pup with good bloodlines.

There are also other costs of owning a puppy such as food, supplies, vaccinations, and routine vet care.

Be sure to factor in all of these costs when considering if you are ready for a new furry friend.

When looking for a breeder, always make sure to do your research to ensure you are getting a healthy pup from a reputable source.

Is It Possible to Find A Free Pitbull Puppy in Maryland?

While it is possible to find free pitbull puppies in Maryland, we do not recommend this as it can be a risky proposition.

There are many reasons why a breeder might give away a free puppy, such as if they are unable to care for it themselves or if the pup has health problems.

Getting a free puppy from an unknown source also puts you at risk of getting a sick or poorly-bred dog.

It is always best to work with a reputable breeder who can guarantee the health and quality of their puppies.

How to Find A Reputable Pitbull Breeder in Maryland

There are many things to consider when looking for a reputable breeder.

Here are 8 signs of a reputable breeder:

  • They have a clean and well-kept facility
  • The puppies are healthy and well-socialized
  • They can produce health clearances for the parents
  • They are knowledgeable about the breed and can answer your questions
  • They charge a reasonable price for their puppies
  • They offer a written contract and guarantee
  • They allow you to visit their facility and meet the parents
  • They are willing to provide references from past buyers

If you find a breeder that meets all of these criteria, you can be confident that you are working with a reputable source.

When visiting a breeder, be sure to ask lots of questions about the breed, the parents, and their experience.

This is a big decision, so you want to be sure you are getting the right pup for your family.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Pitbull Dog Breeder in Maryland

There are plenty of responsible breeders in MD but there are also the unscrupulous ones.

Here are 8 signs of an unethical breeder:

1. They don’t offer health screenings for their dogs or information about the health of their puppies’ parents.

2. They are unwilling to provide references from previous buyers, or they have a lot of negative reviews from other pet owners.

3. They tend to keep their litters in unhealthy conditions such as small cages or unsanitary environments.

4. They do not seem knowledgeable about the breed, and may even make false claims about their dogs’ abilities and temperament.

5. They sell puppies at very young ages before they are ready to leave their mothers and go to new homes, which can cause long-term health and behavioral problems later on.

6. They don’t provide clear contracts or guarantees, or they try to get out of honoring their contracts when something goes wrong.

7. They charge very high prices for their puppies without providing any additional services such as training, socialization, or health care.

8. They are not registered with any reputable kennel clubs or organizations, and they may even operate out of a home or backyard breeding operation.

To avoid getting scammed by an unethical breeder, make sure to do your research ahead of time and only work with breeders who have a good reputation.

Also, be sure to visit the facility in person and meet the puppies’ parents before making any decisions.

Finally, always ask for a contract that outlines everything that is included in the purchase price.

Visit Your Maryland Pitbull Breeder in Person

One of the best things that you can do when interviewing breeders is to visit them in person to see if they offer quality services or not.

Remember, it’s always better to pay more for high-quality breeding than cheap ones which might end up costing you even more money later on.

Visiting your potential breeders face to face is also a good way to get an idea of what they’re like as people, which can be a valuable asset if you end up owning one of their pups.

Also, it’s always better to trust your gut instincts when choosing a breeder since you know yourself and your family better than anyone else does.

If the breeder seems shady or unprofessional in any way, then there’s no reason not to move on from them and find another breeder who will appreciate your business.

Aside from all that, visiting your potential breeder may also help you learn more about the type of pup that you want so that you can make an informed decision about adopting one.

Questions to Ask Your Breeder

Ask for References from Your Pitbull Breeder in Maryland

Make sure to ask for references from your pitbull breeder in Maryland.

A good breeder will have no problem providing you with references from other people who have purchased puppies from them in the past.

These references can give you an idea of what to expect in terms of the health and temperament of the puppies that they produce.

References can tell you whether the breeder is reputable, and can help you feel more confident that you are getting a healthy, well-socialized dog.

Check Their Credentials

Be sure to check the credentials of your pitbull breeder in Maryland.

A good breeder will be a member of one or more professional organizations, such as the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club.

They should also be able to provide you with proof that their dogs have been evaluated by a qualified veterinarian and are free of genetic health problems.

Ask Your Maryland Pitbull Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

Each pitbull breeder should be honest and forthcoming with you, offering photos of the parents as well as meeting past customers who may provide insight into the type of dog they will get from that specific breeder.

This can help you to determine whether or not a particular breeder is honestly able to handle your needs and wants, creating the perfect puppy for your family’s lifestyle.

Meeting past customers will give you firsthand knowledge about how the breeder treats their dogs, and whether or not they have the skills necessary to ensure that those animals are safe.

The more information you can gather from a Maryland pitbull breeder, the better informed you will be when making this important decision.

Does Your Maryland Pitbull Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

When it comes to finding the right dog and the right dog breeder, it is important for you to ensure that your pitbull breeder of choice has access to a good vet when needed.

You see, there are some serious health issues that can come up with this type of breed, so ensuring that your selected breeder knows what he or she is doing when it comes to caring for these pups is definitely in everyone’s best interest.

Your breeder should have a personal relationship with a veterinarian who is comfortable and familiar with the breed.

This way, should any problems arise with your pup, you can rest assured that your breeder will know exactly what to do and how to get the best care possible for your beloved pet.

Ask The Maryland Breeder if Your Pitbull Puppy Has Any Health Problems

It is imperative you ask your breeder if your puppy has any health issues.

It is better to know about them in advance than find out down the road.

Here are some questions to ask your breeder:

  • Does my puppy have any health problems?
  • Does my puppy need special medical treatment or medications?
  • Is there anything else that I should know about keeping my new pitbull happy and healthy for many years to come?

This way, you will be able to get an idea of what kind of costs may be involved and whether it is something you are willing to take on.

Picking a healthy pup from the start is always the best course of action.

What Type of Health Guarantee Does Your Maryland Pitbull Breeder Offer?

It’s important to know what type of health guarantee your Maryland pitbull breeder offers.

Some only offer a limited guarantee while others may offer a full refund or exchange.

A good breeder will offer a written contract that clearly outlines their policy on refunds and exchanges.

A typical guarantee is for one year and may also cover things such as hip dysplasia, paralysis and other hereditary health disorders.

Do You Require A Spay/Neuter Agreement?

A responsible Maryland pitbull breeder will require that you sign a spay/neuter agreement.

This ensures that your dog will not be used for breeding purposes and helps to control the population of unwanted pit bulls.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Pitbull Puppy

Pitbull puppies make wonderful pets, but they need a lot of preparation as well.

Before buying your dog from a breeder, you’ll want to set aside some time to get your home ready for their arrival.

Here are some tips about how to prepare for the puppy and what things you should have on hand when you bring them home:

Provide lots of toys. Pitbulls love playing with toys and will spend countless hours chewing on them or chasing after them if there aren’t any around.

You can purchase cheap toys at your local dollar store, or invest in more durable options like squeaky rubber balls and hard chew toys that won’t fall apart easily.

  • Prepare a safe space. Puppies need their own space to sleep, eat and play in.This can be an exercise pen, a small room or even just a corner of a room that’s blocked off with baby gates.Inside this space, you should have their bedding, food and water bowls, and some toys.
  • Puppies are curious by nature and will explore every nook and cranny of your home if given the chance, so it’s important to have a safe area for them to stay in when you can’t watch them closely.
  • Crate train your puppy. Many dog owners crate train their pets, and this can be an effective way to keep your puppy safe and out of trouble when you can’t supervise them directly.Crates come in all different sizes, so make sure to get one that will be large enough for your fully grown pit bull.You can find crates at pet stores or online retailers.
  • Puppy proof your home. Puppies are like toddlers in the sense that they put everything in their mouths and are constantly exploring their surroundings.To keep your puppy safe, you’ll need to “puppy proof” your home by removing any potential hazards. This includes things like electrical cords, small objects, trash cans and decorations that could be pulled down onto your puppy.

Are you ready for a pitbull puppy? If so, then contact your local breeders to see what their current stock looks like.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect puppy and prepare your home for their arrival.

Training Your New Pitbull Puppy

When it comes to potty training your new Pitbull puppy, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First off, always make sure that you are taking him outside on a regular basis and that he has ample opportunities to go potty.

Second, start teaching basic commands from day one so that they can understand what you expect of them when they are off-leash.

Finally, be consistent with the rules; if you ask your dog not to chew on anything inside the house then do not allow them to do it.