Why Do Dogs Scratch Bed Sheets

why do dogs scratch bed sheets

10 Reasons Why Dogs Scratch Bed Sheets

So, why do dogs scratch bed sheets? Why does your dog tear at the sheets on his or her bed to pieces?

A dog scratching a bed sheets is a common problem. The following article will provide you with 10 reasons for this behavior and what you can do about them.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

why do dogs scratch bed sheets

Dogs need to scratch! Although it may be frustrating, especially after a long day at work when you want to lay down in your own comfortable bed, our furry friends simply need to scratch now and then. If your dog is not given an outlet for this natural behavior, itching and scratching will increase as the mental stress increases. So if you want less torn up sheets and more peace and quiet, read on:

1). Scratching is a way to reduce stress

Dogs need to scratch, especially when they are stressed out or anxious. Your dog will not only choose the place where he or she scratches carefully. It needs to be in a quiet and dark place, with not too much going on around him/her. Scratching is your furry companion’s way of calming down. So if you want less torn up sheets and more peace and quiet, work on reducing his/her mental load .

2). Boredom is another reason for dogs tearing at bedsheets

If your pup spends several hours alone during the day while you’re at work might start scratching the bed because it is bored or simply in need of some entertainment! You can easily prevent this by leaving a radio on, putting out a few toys your dog can play with or by playing some games with him/her.

3). Dogs may also scratch for another reason: they are marking their territory!

If your pup regularly urinates in the same corners of rooms, he or she is probably trying to mark this area as his/her own. Often dogs will scratch sheets when they are being “taught” something new. This could be because it’s associated with a new experience and therefore worth remembering (hence all that scratching) Or simply because your dog gets happy and excited when you teach him/her something and then scratches to show how happy he/she is! You can easily prevent this by not getting too excited over mundane behaviors like obeying commands.

4). Dogs sometimes scratch furniture or bedsheets to remind you who’s their master

It’s a way of displaying dominance over you and telling you that they are in charge . What can be done about this? Well, if your dog thinks it is the pack leader , it may display dominant behavior, including aggression towards other dogs. So take care! If your dog growls when meeting another dog, or barks at friends or family members visiting you, get professional help ! There are ways to teach your pup that he/she has no reason to feel threatened by others.

5). Stressful situations can also lead to scratching

Examples include loud noises outside the house which frighten your pup so much that he/she needs to relieve stress by scratching or simply because your dog gets stressed up while waiting for you to come home.

6). Scratching sheets may also be a sign of an upset stomach

If your pup has ingested something it shouldn’t have, this could cause vomiting which results in the need to soothe the stomach muscles after throwing up. So if your furry friend starts scratching his/her bed at random times, check what he/she has been chewing on and whether he/she has thrown up recently. Better safe than sorry!

7). Dogs sometimes scratch their own ears

The ear canal skin is very sensitive and itchy, especially when the ears feel full of wax build-up or moisture. This can lead to itching throughout the day and your pup scratching its own ears. If the itching is caused by ear mites , this can lead to sore and irritated skin that needs treatment from a vet.

8). Another reason for scratching could be that your four legged friend has fleas

These little parasites can cause quite some itchiness! Treatment with anti-parasitic medication will kill off these nasty bugs. Make sure you get it directly from a vet though, because flea medications sold in pet shops are not powerful enough to take care of these parasites.

9). Dogs may also scratch bedsheets when they have food or other items between their paws.

It’s an effort to get rid of these things by scratching them off their paw pads . If you don’t want to have a bunch of holes in your sheets you might want to check if your pup has something stuck between its paws.

10). Dogs sometimes scratch their bedsheets because they are bored

If you let your furry friend out in the morning and don’t give him/her anything to do until you get home from work, it will be very boring! Your furry friend may entertain himself/herself by scratching at random things he/she finds around the house, including bedsheets. This doesn’t mean that you should take time off from work though to play with your pup all day long. Simply take a look at what activities your dog likes and use them as ways of occupying his/her time when you’re away.