Why Does My Dog Wink at Me?

Dog Winking at Me

Why is My Dog Winking at Me?

Dogs will wag their tails, and may even prance on two legs, as a sign of happiness. But one thing they do that’s easy to miss is winking. It isn’t as complex as what humans do when we wink, but dogs will occasionally close one eye quickly. This is known as a slow blink or a fluttering wink and dogs may do it to greet their owners, calm tense situations, or show affection towards other dogs and people.

How Do Dogs Communicate?

Dogs communicate in many ways, but one very subtle body signal dogs use is the so-called “winking” gesture – when an eye will rapidly close and reopen. This is used as a form of communication between dogs and can be adopted towards humans as well to show friendliness, appeasement and love.

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It’s also commonly used to try and break up a tense situation or avert aggression, but dogs might also do it with people they aren’t too familiar with or dogs that are new to them.

Is My Dog Talking to Me When He Winks?

Winking is often done in a subtle way, when one eye closes for an instant and then reopens, seemingly in the blink of an eye. This type of communication is more complex in dogs than it is for humans, who will usually wink in a more prolonged manner with both eyes.

Slow blinks are also seen as a sign of affection, much like when humans close their eyes for a longer period of time. It’s believed that dogs do this as it releases endorphins in the dog doing the winking, which creates feelings of pleasure similar to those experienced by people during meditation.

Can I Teach My Dog to Wink Back at Me?

While it’s difficult to teach dogs how to wink, you can still practice the behavior with plenty of positive reinforcement. A great way to start is by standing in front of your dog and slowly blinking while rewarding them for winking back at you. You can also practice a slow blink by looking at your dog and slowly closing your eyes, releasing them open soon after.

Slow blinks are often done as a sign of appeasement and calm, so you shouldn’t get upset if your dog never learns to wink back at you – not all dogs know how to.

Why Does My Dog Blink Slowly?

Slowly blinking is a form of body language in dogs that’s similar to the way humans wink. It’s often done to convey a sense of love and affection, but also by dogs that are concerned about a situation or to calm an already tense situation.

Do Dogs Wink in Other Languages Too?

When your dog closes and reopens their eyes, you might not always be able to tell what they’re trying to communicate. Because of this, the action is often used in various different languages. The simple act of slowly closing and reopening their eyes can mean many things, so it’s best to gauge your dog’s reaction and the situation before responding.

Do Dogs Wink at Each Other?

Winking is also used as part of social interactions between dogs or to show friendliness towards humans or other canines. Particularly in tense situations, a wag of the tail may be accompanied by a blink to show that there aren’t any ill feelings between the parties involved.

The same goes when dogs are meeting one other – rapid winks are used to show that everything is fine without either party getting too close for comfort. Dogs will also use winks to show affection towards their owners, much like when they gently nudge their owner’s legs with their heads or lick them on the face or hand.

Why Does My Dog Wink at Me When We Are Playing?

The blink is also widely used by dogs as a way of communicating with humans and other animals during playtime, which can lead to people wrongly believing that dogs are winking to joke around. But in truth, the blink is a way of saying “I wish to continue playing and I’m not about to bite you.” A wink can also soften a dog’s stare as a way to let you know he is in a good mood.

Do Dogs Communicate With Their Eyes?

Dogs may use winks when they are really begging for something or if their owner is taking too long to give them food or a treat. Their eyes can grow wide with anticipation by this time and the wink will communicate that the dog isn’t about to lunge for what it wants – but rather is hoping its owner will comply soon.

Another way dogs communicate with their eyes is by narrowing them or flicking their gaze when they are in a situation where they want to get out of. If your dog squints his eyes when you try to take him for a walk, it’s likely he doesn’t feel like going out at that very moment.

Do Dogs Wink at Cats?

Whether or not dogs wink at cats has more to do with the individual temperament of both animals than anything else. Some dogs aren’t comfortable around cats and will never interact positively with them. Other dogs get along just fine with felines and may even play around with them on occasion, but this is not too common.

Just like with humans, winks between dogs and other dogs or people can help to lighten the mood when things get tense. Although winks tend to be more subtle than tail wagging, they do serve as an excellent indicator of how good-natured a dog is feeling at that moment.


Dogs are highly intelligent animals that can easily tell when you are feeling happy, sad, frightened, or calm. If your dog is blinking at you slowly, it could mean that he or she is feeling affectionate towards you and is letting you know that they love you. On the other hand, it could be a sign of contentment or that they are feeling playful. If you’re not sure what your dog is trying to convey, it’s best to watch their body language and behaviour closely so you can better understand what they are trying to tell you.