10 Boxer Breeders In Missouri MO

Boxer Puppies for Sale in Missouri

Boxers are wonderful dogs as they are both lovable and protective. They make excellent family pets as they do great with children and seem to love the attention you give them. In addition, boxers also have a very energetic personality that makes these dogs active around the house or apartment they reside in.  In order to find boxers for sale in Missouri, it is important to look up a reputable breeder of this breed since there are many people out there trying to sell what is known as a mutt.  A mutt is basically a dog that does not come from two parents of the same breed and thus will not have any of the characteristics of a purebred boxer.  By finding boxers for sale in Missouri from either an individual or a breeder, not only will this ensure that you are buying from someone who has been breeding boxers for quite some time but it will also guarantee that the dog is healthy as well as possess all of the traits that make these dogs so interesting and great to live with.

Boxer Breeders List in Missouri

Breeder Location Phone Website
RiverHillBoxers Houston, MO 417-217-9752 Website
Sorenson Kennels Defiance, MO 636-828-5149 Website
Tammy’s Puppies Liberal, MO 417-549-0012 Website
Boxerlane Boxers Neosho, MO 417-325-5431 Website
Magic Puppies Kennel Springfield, MO 417-385-3923 Website
Proud Puppy Love Willow Springs, MO 417-469-1134 Website
Rocky Top K-9 West Plains, MO 417-255-0227 Website
Spencer’s Shady Grove Kennel Cabool, MO 417-962-3306 Website
Heather Parks Montreal, MO 573-286-2921 No Website
Julie Malone Kansas City, MO 816-209-4827 No Website

Boxer Breeder Details in Missouri

Houston, MO
Call: 417-217-9752

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

Sorenson Kennels
Defiance, MO
Call: 636-828-5149

Tammy’s Puppies
Liberal, MO
Call: 417-549-0012

Boxerlane Boxers
Neosho, MO
Call: 417-325-5431

Magic Puppies Kennel
Springfield, MO
Call: 417-385-3923

Proud Puppy Love
Willow Springs, MO
Call: 417-469-1134

Rocky Top K-9
West Plains, MO
Call: 417-255-0227

Spencer’s Shady Grove Kennel
Cabool, MO
Call: 417-962-3306

Heather Parks
Montreal, MO
Call: 573-286-2921
No Website

Julie Malone
Kansas City, MO
Call: 816-209-4827
No Website

Alternative Places to Purchase a Boxer Puppy

Boxer Breeders in Neighboring States

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What is The Average Price for A Boxer Puppy in Missouri?

Boxers for sale in Missouri may come from either a reputable breeder or from someone’s private collection of dogs.  In the case of boxers from a reputable breeder, you will usually pay more than what an owner is charging since these breeders usually have to pay higher licensing and insurance fees as well as build kennels and other facilities that would be suitable for breeding dogs.  It is not uncommon for these dogs to cost anywhere between $1500 and $3000 depending on their bloodlines and how much it costs the breeder to obtain them. In addition, reputable breeders will allow you to take the boxer home with a signed contract that prevents them from breeding their dog or selling it to other people.

However, there are usually people who breed boxers as a side hobby and will be quite willing to make a deal with you.  Although it is not recommended that you buy from these people, they usually give the dog away for free or for a very low price because they are trying to get rid of their dogs.  In addition, buying from someone who breeds boxers as a side hobby may be cheaper.

How to Find A Responsible Boxer Breeder in Missouri

To find a responsible boxers breeder in Missouri, the best thing to do is consult your veterinarian.  Since there are many reputable breeders in this state, asking people who live nearby would be advisable as well.  If you cannot ask anyone locally for help, then using the Internet will also allow you to look up lists of accredited dog breeders which may give you some leads on finding reputable breeders.

To find boxers for sale in Missouri from an individual, it is important that they have papers showing that their boxer’s parents were purebreds and that their boxer has also been given its vaccinations and deworming treatments.

Another important factor to consider if you want to buy a boxer puppy in Missouri is where the dog will live.  Although Missouri does not have any requirements for the living conditions of dogs, it is always best to find out how big the kennel or barn will be and what the weather conditions are like in order to make sure that your boxer puppy can adapt to its new environment.

Visit Your Missouri Boxer Breeder in Person

In order to find boxers for sale in Missouri from a reputable breeder, it is important that you visit their kennel or farm.  Although there are many breeders who advertise through the Internet and will ship a boxer puppy to your home, it is always best to buy a dog from a local breeder since they can ensure you good customer service.

Visiting your Boxer breeder in person will also give you a chance to see the kind of environment your boxer is living in.  This will allow you to determine if their breeding practices help promote good health and temperament as well as how they treat the dogs.  It also allows you to connect with the breeder and makes it easier for you both to establish a strong relationship.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Boxer Breeder in Missouri

When you are searching for a Missouri boxer breeder, making sure that the boxing breeders in your area are trustworthy is just one of the most important factors to consider. You must know that not all reputable boxer breeders would be aware of how to raise their puppies correctly.

References will be of great help in making sure that you will only be dealing with the most reliable boxer breeders in Missouri. References are important since it’s not all boxer breeders who can really provide quality services. For these reasons, asking for references is one of the best ways to ensure that they are professional Missouri boxer breeders.

Ask Your Missouri Boxer Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

Asking your Missouri boxer breeder to introduce you to their past clients is one of the most effective ways in order to determine if they are professional or not. You can actually meet with them just so you’ll know if their previous customers were satisfied with the services that they offered. If possible, you can also ask for referrals at this time.

If these references and referrals are promising, then it basically means that they are reliable boxing breeders in Missouri. However, always keep in mind that not all reputable boxing breeders would provide these things right away especially when it comes to the safety of their puppies. Take note that responsible and trustworthy boxers breeders would look out for the welfare of their pets before anything else. This is why you must always make it a point to trust the boxer breeder in Missouri only when they are willing to hand over these things.

Does Your Missouri Boxer Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

Does the boxer breeder in Missouri that you are considering working with have a good relationship with their veterinarian? If your boxer breeder is working with just one veterinarian, then it’s also best if you would know this person. In this way, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that they will be in good hands when something goes wrong.

A good breeder/veterinarian relationship is very beneficial since this means that the boxer breeder in Missouri is someone who wouldn’t hesitate to pay for their pet’s medical expenses. This basically means that they are responsible when it comes to taking care of their pets and not just looking at them as a source of income.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Boxer Dog Breeder in Missouri

There are a lot of people who often get taken for a ride by Missouri boxer dog breeders. You just need to remember that not all reputable boxer dog breeders would be easy to work with. In fact, you should already know this when looking for boxers in Missouri since not everyone has the same standards and expectations.

Look out for these red flags:

  • The breeder won’t let you see their facility until after the contract is signed.
  • This is one of the most common signs which point out that you might be dealing with an unethical Missouri boxer breeder at this time. There are some people who would give their customers false promises so they would sign contracts without getting to see’s really inside their facilities. This is why it’s crucial that you take your time in inspecting their facility before signing any contracts.
  • They ask for payment during the process of the transaction.
  • Before getting to work with Missouri boxer breeders, they must first know what kind of payment they are looking forward to accepting. If they immediately ask for payment even before doing anything, then this is one discouraging sign that points out that you might be dealing with an unethical boxer breeder at this present time. To them, money comes first and not the welfare of their pets.
  • Beware if they don’t offer written contracts.

What good does a verbal agreement do? There are a lot of people who would prefer written contracts since these things hold both sides accountable.

Ask The Missouri Breeder if Your Boxer Puppy Has Any Health Problems

Does your boxer puppy in Missouri have any health problems? This is the kind of question which you should ask your breeder even before anything else. You need to understand that if there are health issues with their puppies, and it’s possible that the same thing might happen to your pet at some point in time.

If they keep on telling you that nothing is wrong with them, this is yet another discouraging sign which points out that there might be something wrong with their facilities right now. Always remember that it’s important for Missouri Boxer dog breeders to do everything within their ability to ensure the overall well-being of their pets.

So make sure to ask this question before agreeing to any contract.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Boxer Puppy

If you’re planning to get a boxer puppy in Missouri, then it’s crucial that you would first prepare your house. Remember that this is not just another pet since they are known to be quite destructive.

  • They love chewing on things: These pets can’t really help but chew on things. So if you want them to do this somewhere else, make sure that you give them something which they could use for this purpose like chew toys and bones. But at the same time, it will also depend upon their age. If they are still young, then it might take some time before they would chew on things other than their own toys and bones. Just keep in mind that these pets would eventually grow up one day, and they will start exploring your house.
  • They need obedience training: Just like other pets which you could find in Missouri, it’s crucial that these dogs be well-trained early on. This is the only way for them to learn what kinds of things are appropriate or not. You must never forget about this since this would have a long-term effect on their behavior later on in life. Just be patient when it comes to training them so everything would go according to plan.

Potty Training Your New Boxer Puppy

Make sure that you would potty train them as soon as possible. If these pets go to the bathroom inside your house, then this can lead to a lot of serious problems for both you and them. Remember that training your pet is essential because it helps strengthen your relationship with each other over time.

  • They need enclosure (crate) training:Crate training works hand-in-hand with potty training which is why you should not forget about this one thing above all else. It’s best if they sleep inside their enclosure for most of the day so it will make it easier for them to go outside when necessary. This way, you won’t have any trouble taking care of them anymore plus this makes them feel like they are still part of the family.
  • Potty training is probably the most important aspect of dealing with Boxers:If you are unsure about whether crate training is right for your pup, then it wouldn’t hurt if you talk to a Missouri breeder first. They would give you some good advice which will help improve the overall relationship that you have with your pet.
  • Remember, patience is a virtue:Training takes time and it’s going to be longer for some pets than others. Just have patience with them since they will eventually learn what you want them to do regardless of how long it may take. If you feel that you’re getting antsy over the matter, then just take a break from training until everything is back on track.

Enjoy your brand new Boxer puppy.