8 Boxer Breeders In Kentucky KY

Boxer Puppies for Sale in Kentucky

Boxers are a loyal and loving breed of dog. Boxers were originally used as hunting dogs after they were brought from Germany to America in the 1880s.

Boxers are a wonderful family pet but should have lots of room to run around. They love being outdoors, but can also be happy spending time indoors with their family as well. This is why having a fenced-in yard is a great idea if you would like a boxer for your next pet. If you choose not to have a fenced yard, this type of activity should definitely be scheduled on a regular basis.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

Boxers have grown in popularity over the years, due to their wonderful temperaments. Boxers are brave dogs who are very protective of people they love. They do not have a problem with being submissive if they meet strangers or other dogs for that matter.

Kentucky is full of great places where you can find local boxer breeders. There are many Boxer breeders located throughout the state. Check out our approved Boxer breeders down below.

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Boxer Breeders List in Kentucky

Breeder Location Phone Website
NorthView Boxers Bowling Green, KY 270-832-2457 Website
Golden Acres Puppies Columbia, KY 270-805-1555 Website
KenLiCo Kennels Brandenburg, KY 270-828-3960 Website
Big Mac Boxers Walton, KY 859-802-3179 Website
Blissful Boxers & French Bull Dogs Owensboro, KY 270-903-3285 No Website
Eric Stonecypher Liberty, KY 270-250-3566 No Website
Tammy Madden Morehead, KY 606-315-2301 No Website
Henry McIntyre Ekron, KY 270-668-7366 No Website

Boxer Breeder Details in Kentucky

NorthView Boxers
Bowling Green, KY
Call: 270-832-2457

Golden Acres Puppies
Columbia, KY
Call: 270-805-1555

KenLiCo Kennels
Brandenburg, KY
Call: 270-828-3960

Big Mac Boxers
Walton, KY
Call: 859-802-3179

Blissful Boxers & French Bull Dogs
Owensboro, KY
Call: 270-903-3285
No Website

Eric Stonecypher
Liberty, KY
Call: 270-250-3566
No Website

Tammy Madden
Morehead, KY
Call: 606-315-2301
No Website

Henry McIntyre
Ekron, KY
Call: 270-668-7366
No Website

Alternative Places to Purchase a Boxer Puppy

Boxer Breeders in Neighboring States

For the complete list please see our Listings of Boxer Breeders page.

What is The Average Price for A Boxer Puppy in Kentucky?

When looking for a boxer breeder in Kentucky, we recommend finding breeders who sell puppies between $400 and $500. This price is not too high and it will depend on the age of the puppy that you choose. Typically older puppies will cost more than younger puppies. Always check with your local Boxer breeders to see what they are asking for their pups before agreeing on a purchase.

Boxer breeders typically charge anywhere from $400 to $500 dollars per puppy depending on the age of the animal or specific breeding lines. The price does not include any necessary veterinary care such as vaccines and medical treatment if needed, so always remember to factor these expenses into your financial consideration when shopping around for boxers.

AKC registered Boxer puppies will cost between $500 and $1800. The cost will vary depending on the breeder, the lineage of the animal, and location in Kentucky. To give you an example, the average price for a boxer pup in northern Kentucky starts at about $1,000 while puppies sold in Louisville start around $500.

Breeders could charge different prices based on what type of lines their dogs are coming from. If your dog is registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club), this could increase its worth significantly when selling to another person or purchasing it. Other factors include color, gender (male dogs tend to be more expensive than female dogs), and age of the puppy/dog that you’re/selling could also affect pricing.

How to Find A Responsible Boxer Breeder in Kentucky

Finding a responsible boxer breeder in Kentucky can be very rewarding, but it can also be difficult, time-consuming and stressful. There are many things to consider when looking for a reputable breeder.

The first thing that you should do is research. Search online for reviews to see if the person or business has had any issues with previous customers or breeders. If they have, contact these people and ask them about their experience. The more positive reviews you find, the better the chances of finding a good breeder. Also, check out local message boards and Facebook groups – there might be something posted where other people in your area talk about their experiences with different breeders or share information about their favorite breeders to help give insight on who could be a good option for you.

If the breeder has a website, look at their site to get a feel for what kind of person they are and how much information they share with their customers. Their website should have pages about their facilities, photos of the dogs and puppies, health guarantees offered on their pups, and more. If they don’t have a lot of information on their site, they may not be very reputable and you should keep looking for other breeders. Remember that it is important to find an ethical and responsible breeder who cares about the dogs and that will guarantee their health.

Visit Your Kentucky Boxer Breeder in Person

Once you’ve done some research and found a few breeders that seem like good options, it’s time to visit them. Stay away from calling and asking about prices and availability on the phone. The breeder should want to meet with you and talk about their puppies before giving any kind of price quotes or discussing what is included with the cost of one of their pups.

Visit your chosen boxer breeder in person at their location. You’ll want to be as sure as possible that they’re all legitimate businesses, so talking to them face-to-face will help give more insight into who they are as people. Talk to the people who work there and ask questions about the dogs and even about themselves You can tell a lot just by talking to people and asking questions, so use this opportunity to learn as much as you can about the breeder.

Visiting your potential breeder will also give you a chance to see their facilities and to meet the parents of any puppy that you may take home with you. Look around carefully and ask questions about the animals and what is required of future owners. The breeder should be knowledgeable about the breed, health-conscious, and willing to answer your questions.

Finally, if you can’t visit in person, look for as many ways as possible to interact online before making a purchase. This includes emailing back and forth or even using video chat so that you can see where the puppies are kept and how other people who have bought from this breeder interacted with them.

Price should not be your first priority when looking for boxer breeders in Kentucky.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Boxer Breeder in Kentucky

It’s also a good idea to ask for references. A responsible boxer breeder in Kentucky should be able to give you the names and phone numbers of people who have purchased puppies from them. The best breeders are usually focused on making sure that their pups go home with loving families, so they want to make sure that anyone who buys one of their dogs is responsible. When you do call these people up, ask about the process of buying their pup. If they had any issues or concerns with the breeder, this should be brought up during your conversation.

Do Not Buy From Craigslist Boxer Breeders in Kentucky

Finally, keep away from Craigslist. It’s all too common for puppy mills to sell their animals online using sites like Craigslist because it’s easy and instant. Craigslist isn’t always the best place to look for reputable breeders, so if you want a Boxer puppy make sure to do your research first.

Ask Your Kentucky Boxer Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

Remember that the process of buying a new puppy should be a rewarding one. You should feel confident and excited about bringing your boxer home with you, so try to find a breeder who is easy to work with and puts their puppies’ needs first. If you follow these steps, you should have no problem finding the right person or place to buy your new puppy from.

Meeting past customers will give you a chance to talk to people who have already bought their boxer from this breeder. Talk to them about the process of buying their puppy, and ask if they had any concerns or issues with the breeder in question.

There are many Boxer breeders in Kentucky that care about their animals and will only sell their pups to ethical homes. Do your research before you visit anyone, make sure you visit the location of the puppies if possible (or speak over video chat), and make sure that all references are checked before agreeing on a purchase or payment.

Does Your Kentucky Boxer Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

You should ask your breeder the name of the veterinarian they use. You may call and ask for a reference from that vet if needed. You can also do an online search for reviews on any Kentucky veterinarians you are considering using, but most breeders have already done this so you won’t need to.

A good veterinarian will be a member of The American Veterinary Medical Association. A board-certified veterinary surgeon or specialist is a good choice for a dog with orthopedic problems. Hip dysplasia is common in dogs and often requires surgery. All surgical procedures have risks built into them, however, it’s important to know that your puppy’s breeder has done everything possible to ensure that your dog is healthy before breeding. If something unforeseen happens during the surgery, then you’ll have an expert to contact for further advice.

A breeder who has their dog’s best interest at heart should also have other people they can consult with in case of emergency. For this reason, your chosen Kentucky boxers breeders should be members of The American Boxer Club (ABC).

Ask The Kentucky Breeder if Your Boxer Puppy Has Any Health Problems

When you are searching for a Boxer Puppy, don’t be shy about asking the breeder if your puppy has any health problems. The breeder should be forthcoming with information about the puppy’s parents and their medical history. It may seem like an off-the-wall question at first because you are just looking for a Boxer Puppy but remember that this dog will be part of your family for many years to come so it is important that he is healthy.

The cost of having your Boxer examined by a Veterinarian should not influence your decision on where to buy your puppy from.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Boxer Puppy

When bringing your Boxer Puppy home for the first time make sure you have everything prepared beforehand. Although you are excited to welcome your new family member into your home, spending a few hours preparing will ensure that both you and your pup have a safe and comfortable environment in which to play. Here is a list of items that should be purchased or already set up well before the Boxer Puppy arrives:

  • Dog Crate: Although the breeder may include a crate with your purchase, make sure it is appropriate for your pup’s size. If you already have a crate at home that you use for traveling or other purposes, this would be an ideal time to introduce him to his new box. While in the cage, give him some toys and treats so he will get accustomed to spending time inside until he gets older.
  • Food & Water Bowls: Your Boxer Puppy should be using small bowls that can easily fit inside his dog crate while he is at home alone. It wouldn’t hurt to show him where they are now on his initial visit either if possible but of course, never leave him unattended without supervision.
  • Dog Bed: Since your Boxer Puppy will likely spend many nights in his dog crate during the next few months, it is very important that he has something soft & cozy to lay on. It will also give him a place to call his own and create a den-like environment inside the crate.
  • Toys & Chews: In addition to the toys that come with your Boxer Puppy, you should purchase some new ones as well. Try acquiring different types of toys like fuzzy stuffed animals or rubber balls that he can easily pick up in his mouth. By playing with your pup now it will help him bond to you & will ensure that he doesn’t become bored while crated alone throughout the day. Of course, make sure not to leave any type of chew toy unsupervised because accidents can occur if they are eaten by mistake. Since puppies often like to sink their teeth into something during playtime.

Potty Training Your New Boxer Puppy

Potty training your Boxer Puppy is easier if you start as soon as possible. If the area where he will spend most of his time is accessible to him, such as a bedroom or living room, this would be an ideal place to begin. Use a designated command like “go potty” and take him outside after he eats and wakes up from naps. When he starts eliminating in an appropriate spot, praise him lavishly by saying “what a good boy”.

This routine should be followed every time until the puppy understands what it means and performs accordingly inside & not on your flooring.

Remember, patience is a key element to successfully training your Boxer puppy.