4 Chihuahua Breeders in Kansas KS

Chihuahua Breeders in Kansas KS

Chihuahua Puppies for Sale in Kansas

Kansas is home to some of the best Chihuahua breeders in the Midwest. These breeders have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to raising and breeding Chihuahuas.

They are also passionate about their dogs and want to ensure that each and every puppy is placed in a loving home.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

We have taken it upon ourselves to gather all of the information on these breeders and put it in one place for you.

If you are looking for a Chihuahua puppy in Kansas, then look no further.

Check out our list of reputable Chihuahua breeders found in Kansas.

Chihuahua Breeders List in Kansas

Breeder Location Phone Website
GladeMist Wichita, KS 605-864-0418 No Website
Jenina Fortner Abilene, KS 785-280-9677 Website
Jaime Walker Piqua, KS 620-473-0175 Website
Petland West Wichita Wichita, KS 316-252-8565 Website

Chihuahua Breeder Details in Kansas

Wichita, KS
Call: 605-864-0418
No Website

Jenina Fortner
Abilene, KS
Call: 785-280-9677

Jaime Walker
Piqua, KS
Call: 620-473-0175

Petland West Wichita
Wichita, KS
Call: 316-252-8565

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Chihuahua Breeders in Other States

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What Is The Average Price for A Chihuahua Puppy in Kansas?

The average price for a Chihuahua puppy in Kansas is around $500. However, this price can vary depending on the breeder, the litter size, and other factors.

Some breeders may charge more for their puppies, while others may offer discounts if you purchase more than one puppy.

Other costs might arise as well, such as registration fees, vaccinations, and other required medical care.

Be sure to ask the breeder about all associated costs before making a purchase.

What Are The Different Types of Chihuahuas?

There are two different types of Chihuahuas: long-haired and short-haired. Both types make great pets, but it is important to know the difference between them before making a purchase.

The long-haired Chihuahua is the more popular variety. They have a silky, soft coat that can come in a variety of colors.

The short-haired Chihuahua has a smooth, sleek coat that is typically tan or black.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Chihuahua?

The average life expectancy of a Chihuahua is around 15 years. However, some Chihuahuas have been known to live up to 20 years with proper care and nutrition.

How Much Exercise Does A Chihuahua Need?

Chihuahuas are relatively active dogs and need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. This can be in the form of a walk, run, or playtime at the park.

It is important to give your Chihuahua plenty of exercise to prevent them from becoming obese or developing other health problems.

Is It Possible to Find A Free Chihuahua Puppy in Kansas?

Yes, it is possible to find free Chihuahua puppies in Kansas. However, these puppies are usually placed in homes through shelters or rescue organizations.

If you are looking for a specific type of Chihuahua, such as a long-haired or short-haired variety, it may be difficult to find one through a shelter or rescue organization.

It is always best to do your research before contacting a shelter or rescue organization to inquire about available puppies.

How to Find A Reputable Chihuahua Breeder in Kansas

When you are looking for a reputable Chihuahua breeder in Kansas, there are a few things you will want to keep in min

First, it is important that you find a breeder who is registered with the American Kennel Club or AKC. This ensures that the breeder has met certain standards and that their dogs are of the highest quality.

Next, you will want to make sure that the Chihuahua breeder in Kansas is experienced and has been breeding Chihuahuas for at least five years. This will help to ensure that they know what they are doing and that their dogs are healthy and well-bred. You should also ask the breeder about their health clearances and guarantee policy.

Last, you will want to visit the breeder’s facility to meet the dogs and see the conditions they are being kept in. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when you bring your new Chihuahua home.

When you follow these tips, you can be sure that you will find a reputable Chihuahua breeder in Kansas who can provide you with a healthy, well-bred dog.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Chihuahua Dog Breeder in Kansas

While there are many reputable breeders, there are some unethical ones as well.

Here are some tips to spot an unethical breeder:

1. They Don’t Require a Home Visit

Unethical breeders may not require a home visit before selling you a puppy. This means they are not concerned about where their puppies will end up. A good breeder will want to make sure their puppies are going to homes that are suitable for them.

2. They Have Poor Conditions

If you visit the breeder’s facility and it is dirty, cramped, or otherwise poor conditions, this is a red flag. Ethical breeders take good care of their dogs and provide them with clean and spacious living conditions.

3. They Don’t Health Test Their Dogs

Health testing is important to ensure that puppies are free of genetic health problems. Ethical breeders will health test their dogs and provide you with proof of the results. Unethical breeders may not health test their dogs or may not be honest about the results.

4. They Don’t Ask You Questions

A good breeder will want to get to know you and make sure you are a good fit for one of their puppies. An unethical breeder may not ask you any questions or may not seem interested in getting to know you.

5. They Sell Puppies Online

Many unethical breeders sell puppies online without ever meeting the buyer in person. This is a red flag as it’s impossible to know if the puppy is coming from a reputable source. Ethical breeders will only sell puppies in person after getting to know the buyer.

6. They Pressure You to Buy a Puppy

A good breeder will want you to take your time in deciding if you are ready for a puppy. An unethical breeder may pressure you into buying a puppy or may try to sell you multiple puppies.

7. They Don’t Provide Documentation

Reputable breeders will provide you with documentation, such as the puppy’s pedigree, health records, and registration papers. Unethical breeders may not provide any documentation or may provide fake documentation.

8. They Don’t Offer a Health Guarantee

A good breeder will offer a health guarantee that protects you if your puppy is sick or has genetic health problems. Unethical breeders may not offer a health guarantee or may only offer a limited guarantee.

Visit Your Kansas Chihuahua Breeder in Person

When looking for the best Chihuahua breeders in Kansas, it’s important that you visit them in person.

This will allow you to see the conditions that the dogs are kept in and meet the staff who will be taking care of your new puppy. You’ll also be able to ask questions and get to know the breeder before making a commitment.

Visiting your potential breeder will allow you to get a feel for their operation and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Questions to Ask Your Breeder

Ask for References from Your Chihuahua Breeder in Kansas

Before committing to a Chihuahua breeder in Kansas, ask for references from friends or family who have purchased dogs from the same person. Talk with these people about their experiences and what they thought of the puppies they received.

References will be able to give you an idea of what to expect from your breeder and help you determine if they are reputable.

In addition to references, ask to see the breeder’s facility and meet the puppies’ parents. This will give you an idea of the conditions the puppies are being raised in and help you assess the health of the animals.

The bottom line is that when searching for Chihuahua breeders in Kansas, take your time and do your research to find a responsible breeder who has the best interests of their puppies at heart.

Ask Your Kansas Chihuahua Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

A great way to get a feel for what it will be like dealing with a particular Chihuahua breeder is to ask if you can meet some of their past customers.

This will give you the opportunity to see how the breeder interacts with their dogs and whether or not they seem to be happy and healthy. It’s also a good way to get an idea of what kind of customer service the breeder offers.

Meeting past customers will also allow you to ask specific questions about their experience with the breeder. For example, you can find out if the breeder was easy to get in touch with when they had questions or concerns, and whether or not they felt like they were able to get the help they needed.

You can also ask about the breeder’s policies on things like refunds and returns, as well as what their experience was like dealing with any problems that may have arisen.

Keep in mind that not all Chihuahua breeders will be willing to let you meet past customers, but it is definitely worth asking. If a breeder doesn’t seem willing to let you speak to anyone, it might be a red flag that something isn’t quite right.

Does Your Kansas Chihuahua Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

A good breeder will have a good relationship with a local veterinarian that they see on a regular basis and are not afraid to use.

This is important because it shows that they are serious about the health of their animals. A good breeder will also be able to provide you with references of other people who own Chihuahuas that they have bred so you can get an idea of what kind of animals they produce.

A good veterinarian/breeder relationship is crucial for the health of your new Chihuahua.

Ask The Kansas Breeder if Your Chihuahua Puppy Has Any Health Problems

Chihuahuas are generally healthy and hardy little dogs, but like all breeds, they’re susceptible to certain health conditions.

Some of the health problems that can affect Chihuahuas include hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain), patellar luxation (dislocated kneecap), and open fontanel (soft spot on the head), heart defects, and eye conditions such as cataracts.

To help offset the cost of unexpected veterinary bills, you might want to consider purchasing pet insurance for your Chihuahua.

What Type Of Health Guarantee Does Your Kansas Chihuahua Breeder Offer?

Most Chihuahua breeders in Kansas offer a one-year health guarantee that covers congenital and hereditary defects. Some breeders also offer a two-year or even lifetime health guarantee. Be sure to ask about the breeder’s policy on returning puppies that don’t work out, as well as their refund policy.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Chihuahua Puppy

If you’re welcoming a Chihuahua puppy into your home, congratulations! These spunky little dogs make great companions.

To help your new arrival feel comfortable and adjust to their new surroundings, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home:

1. Puppy-proof your home. Chihuahuas are small, curious creatures that like to explore. Make sure any potentially dangerous items are out of reach, including cleaning supplies, medications, and small objects that could be swallowed.

2. Set up a comfortable space for your puppy. Their crate or bed should be in a quiet area where they can relax without being disturbed. Puppies need lots of rest, so their sleeping area should be calm and secluded.

3. Introduce your puppy to its new family. Once your puppy feels comfortable in its environment, it’s time to introduce them to the rest of the family. If you have other pets, take things slowly at first and supervise all interactions.

4. Socialize your puppy. Chihuahuas are social creatures that need plenty of interaction with people and other animals. It’s important to expose them to different types of situations and people early on so they can learn how to behave properly.

5. Potty train your puppy. Like all puppies, Chihuahuas need to be taught where it’s appropriate to go to the bathroom. Be patient and consistent with your training, and soon your puppy will be using the bathroom like a pro.

Potty Training Your New Chihuahua Puppy

“How do I potty train my Chihuahua?” Housebreaking can be a challenge for any pet parent, but the small size of Chihuahuas makes proper potty training especially important.

An adult Chihuahua can usually hold its urine for four to eight hours. However, a puppy’s bladder is much smaller and he will need to go out more frequently – about every two hours at first. The good news is that because they are so small, Chihuahuas are easy to potty train.

With patience and consistency, you should be able to teach your Chihuahua puppy to go potty outside in just a few weeks.

The key to successful potty training is consistency. You will need to take your puppy out frequently – at least every two hours at first – and give him lots of praise when he goes potty in the right spot. It is also important to take your puppy to the same spot each time so that he learns to associate that area with going to the bathroom.