10 Doberman Breeders in Kentucky KY

Doberman Breeders in Kentucky KY

Doberman Puppies for Sale in Kentucky

Doberman Pinschers are a popular breed of dog, known for their loyalty and intelligence. If you’re looking for a Doberman Pinscher puppy in Kentucky, you’ve come to the right place.

Our directory of the best Doberman breeders in Kentucky is a great resource.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

We have done all the legwork for you, so finding a reputable breeder is easy.

Dobermans have become increasingly popular in recent years with individuals, families, and law enforcement agencies alike.

Whether you’re looking for a show dog or just a family pet, the Doberman’s striking appearance and personality make them an excellent choice for any household.

Check out our directory of Doberman breeders in Kentucky to get started on your search for the perfect pup.

Doberman Breeders List in Kentucky

Breeder Location Phone Website
Henson’s Doberman Pinscher Puppies London, KY 606-878-6395 Website
Masaya Dobermans Louisville, KY 270-307-5775 Website
Earendil Manchester Terriers Campbellsville, KY 270-789-8649 Website
Krimson Dobermans Louisville, KY 502-523-1343 Website
Jagerdobes Williamsburg, KY 859-469-2955 Website
Gordon Farms Dobermans Barlow, KY 270-983-0114 Website
Bob White Farms II Benton, KY 270-970-1126 Website
Brooke Royalty Columbia, KY 502-330-1056 No Website
Mary Schwartz Flemingsburg, KY 606-845-8718 No Website
Tim And Stacey Kelley Guffey Albany, KY 931-644-1858 No Website

Doberman Breeder Details in Kentucky

Henson’s Doberman Pinscher Puppies
London, KY
Call: 606-878-6395

Masaya Dobermans
Louisville, KY
Call: 270-307-5775

Earendil  Manchester Terriers
Campbellsville, KY
Call: 270-789-8649

Krimson Dobermans
Louisville, KY
Call: 502-523-1343

Williamsburg, KY
Call: 859-469-2955

Gordon Farms Dobermans
Barlow, KY
Call: 270-983-0114

Bob White Farms II
Benton, KY
Call: 270-970-1126

Brooke Royalty
Columbia, KY
Call: 502-330-1056
No Website

Mary Schwartz
Flemingsburg, KY
Call: 606-845-8718
No Website

Tim And Stacey Kelley Guffey
Albany, KY
Call: 931-644-1858
No Website

Alternative Places to Purchase A Doberman Puppy

Doberman Breeders in Other States

For the complete list please see our Doberman Reference Links page.

What Is The Average Price for A Doberman Puppy in Kentucky?

The average price for a Doberman Pinscher puppy in Kentucky is $1,500.

However, prices can vary depending on factors such as breeder experience, coat color, and gender.

Coat colors that are considered rare, such as blue or fawn, will typically cost more than traditional black and tan puppies.

Males are usually pricier than females as well.

When searching for a Doberman Pinscher puppy in Kentucky, be sure to ask the breeder about health clearances and guarantees.

Reputable breeders will be able to provide you with this information and more.

Is It Possible to Find A Free Doberman Puppy in Kentucky?

The quick answer is, unfortunately, no. You should never buy a Doberman puppy from a pet store or online seller, and free Doberman puppies are almost certainly a scam.

If you’re set on getting a Doberman and live in Kentucky, your best bet is to find a responsible breeder who breeds healthy, well-socialized puppies. A good place to start your search is the website of the American Kennel Club.

“Free” puppies more often than not don’t actually come free of charge. The scammer will ask you to pay for the puppy’s medical exams, vaccinations, food, and shipping costs – but once he has your money, he’ll disappear without a trace.

Even if you do find a legitimate Doberman breeder in Kentucky and manage to get a free puppy from him or her, there are no guarantees that it will be healthy.

Most reputable breeders charge at least $500 for their puppies to cover their costs and make them worth their while as a business; therefore, any “free” Dobermans are likely to be unhealthy dogs who haven’t been properly vetted.

How to Find A Reputable Doberman Breeder in Kentucky

Finding a reputable breeder is the most important part of the puppy buying process.

Here are 6 ways to find a responsible breeder:

  1. Word of mouth- ask your friends, family, or your veterinarian for recommendations
  2. Search online- there are many websites that can help you find a reputable breeder in your area
  3. Contact the Doberman Pinscher Club of America- they can provide you with a list of breeders in your area
  4. Attend a dog show- this is a great way to meet breeders and see their dogs in person
  5. Visit a breeder’s kennel- take some time to meet the parents of the puppy you are interested in and see what the living conditions are like
  6. Ask questions- be sure to ask the breeder about the health, temperament, and training of their dogs.

A reputable breeder will be able to answer all of your questions and will be happy to show you their dogs and facilities.

When you find a breeder that you are considering, be sure to visit their kennel and meet the parents of the puppy you are interested in.

This will give you a good idea of what the living conditions are like and what the puppies are being raised in.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Doberman Dog Breeder in Kentucky

Unfortunately, there are some unethical Doberman dog breeders out there who may not be putting the best interests of their dogs first.

Here are a few warning signs to watch out for when looking for a Doberman breeder:

  1. They only have one or two breeding dogs
  2. They do not allow you to visit their kennel or meet their adult dogs
  3. They are only willing to sell puppies to pet stores or brokers
  4. They are not willing to answer your questions or provide references

If you see any of these warning signs, it is best to keep looking for a more reputable breeder.

With the right breeder, however, you can find a healthy, friendly Doberman puppy that will bring joy to your family for years to come.

Overall, finding a reputable Doberman breeder in Kentucky is possible if you know where to look.

Just be sure to do your research and ask plenty of questions so that you can find the right puppy for you.

Visit Your Kentucky Doberman Breeder in Person

When you are looking for a Doberman breeder, the best way to find out if they are reputable is to visit their farm and see where the Dobermans live.

Do they seem healthy and happy?

If you can’t visit in person, speak with another owner or check out any reviews that may be available online.

Visiting your potential breeder in person will allow you to see the conditions that your Doberman will be living in and will help you determine if they take good care of their animals.

As with any purchase, it is important to do your research to make sure you are choosing a reputable breeder.

Ask for References from Your Doberman Breeder in Kentucky

When you have decided on a Doberman breeder in Kentucky, one of the most important things that you can do is ask for references.

A good breeder will be more than happy to provide you with references from previous customers.

This is an excellent way to get an idea of what kind of experience other people have had with the breeder. It also gives you a chance to ask specific questions about the care and attention that the breeder provides to their dogs.

If possible, try to speak with at least two or three references before making your final decision.

This will give you a well-rounded perspective on what it is like to work with a particular breeder. In addition, don’t hesitate to ask the breeder for a tour of their facility.

This will give you a chance to see firsthand how the dogs are being cared for.

Ask Your Kentucky Doberman Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

If you want to know more about the breeder and their puppies, be sure to ask if they are able to recommend any of their past customers.

Getting an honest recommendation is one of the best indicators that you will have a good experience with your new puppy.

Meeting past customers will allow you to know what to expect in terms of the health and temperament of your new puppy.

If the breeder is not able to refer you to any of their past customers, it may be best to look elsewhere for your new furry friend.

Does Your Kentucky Doberman Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

If you are looking for a Doberman breeder in the state of Kentucky, then it is important to make sure that your Doberman puppy has a good and reliable veterinarian.

This is especially true if you don’t live in the same location as the breeder and can’t access their vet when necessary.

There are many different things that a good veterinarian will be able to do for your new Doberman puppy, including taking care of any issues with worms or fleas that may have come from the litter.

They will also help ensure that your pup gets its shots on time, which is essential to making sure they continue to stay healthy as they grow up.

And finally, having someone who knows about dogs and can spot early warning signs of any health problems is always a good idea.

Ask The Kentucky Breeder if Your Doberman Puppy Has Any Health Problems

One of the most common health issues with Dobermans is hip dysplasia, which can cause your dog to experience pain and discomfort as it grows older.

So before you bring home your new puppy, you should ask the breeder if they know whether or not your puppy has this condition.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a breeder is the condition of their breeding stock.

Ideally, they should be free from congenital defects and genetic diseases, as well as other physical ailments or abnormalities.

Make sure that your breeder provides you with a health certificate for your puppy, as well as guarantees against any congenital defects.

Along with these things to look for, it is also important to make sure that the breeding stock was properly socialized and trained from an early age.

What Type of Health Guarantee Does Your Kentucky Doberman Breeder Offer?

When you purchase a Doberman from a breeder in Kentucky, you want to know that your new puppy is healthy and will remain so throughout his life.

A good breeder will provide you with a written health guarantee that pledges to refund your purchase price or replace your dog if he should develop a genetic health problem within a certain period of time.

Be sure to get all the details of the health guarantee in writing before you take your new puppy home, and be sure to have the name and contact information of the veterinarian who examined your puppy and can attest to his good health.

You should also find out if your breeder requires that you have your puppy examined by your own veterinarian within a certain number of days after taking him home and whether there will be a refund or replacement if your puppy is found to be unhealthy.

Don’t hesitate to ask any other questions you may have about your new puppy’s health and the health guarantee.

A responsible breeder will be happy to answer all of your questions.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Doberman Puppy

You’ve chosen a Doberman Pinscher as your new furry family member, and you can’t wait to bring them home. But before you do, make sure your house is ready and safe for your new friend.

One of the most important things to prepare before bringing home your new puppy is to get any wires hidden or out of reach. Dobermans have a tendency to chew on things, and you certainly don’t want them chewing through your phone charger.

It’s also important to make sure that your dog can’t access the trash while they’re young. They’ll love to rummage around in it, but you don’t want them eating anything dangerous or unpleasant. Bitter apple spray makes a great addition to the top of your trash can so that they find it unappealing.

Finally, before bringing home your new canine friend, make sure there are no small objects lying around that could be stepped on or accidentally swallowed by your pup.

Potty Training Your New Doberman Puppy

Doberman puppies are notorious for being difficult to potty train.

However, with a little patience and persistence, it is possible to successfully potty train your new puppy. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Establish a regular potty schedule for your puppy. It is important to take your puppy out at the same time each day so that he or she gets used to going at a specific time. A good schedule to follow is taking your puppy out first thing in the morning, after naps, after meals, and before bedtime.

2. Take your puppy to the same spot each time he or she needs to go. This will help your puppy associate that spot with going to the bathroom and make it easier for him or her to learn where to go.

3. Reward your puppy each time he or she goes to the bathroom in the designated spot. Puppies are highly motivated by food, so using treats as a reward is a great way to encourage good potty habits.

4. Be patient and consistent with your puppy. It takes time for puppies to learn where they should and should not go to the bathroom, so don’t get discouraged if there are accidents along the way. The most important thing is to be consistent with your potty training routine and eventually, your puppy will catch on.