4 Pitbull Breeders in Connecticut CT

Pitbull Breeders in Connecticut CT

Pitbull Puppies for Sale in Connecticut

Looking for reputable Pitbull breeders in Connecticut? We can help you find the best Connecticut-based pitbull breeders.

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One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

We understand that making a responsible decision is important, as this will be a life-long addition to your family.

Our extensive directory makes it easy for you to find a breeder who offers the kind of dog you are looking for, so make sure to take some time and consider each.

We have organized all of the pertinent information to help you make an informed decision, including contact information, website links, and social media profiles, where available.

You can also read reviews from other customers to get a better idea of the quality of service each breeder offers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

Pitbull Breeders List in Connecticut

Breeder Location Phone Website
MGXLPits Baltic, CT 860-822-1943 No Website
CT Perfect Bullies CT 860-617-2126 No Website
BoBo’s Best Kennels LLC South Meriden, CT 203-491-4888 Website
Pitbull/Frenchie Puppies For Sale Bridgeport, CT 315-908-7005 Website

Pitbull Breeder Details in Connecticut

Baltic, CT
Call: 860-822-1943
No Website

CT Perfect Bullies
Call: (860-617-2126
No Website

BoBo’s Best Kennels LLC
South Meriden, CT
Call: 203-491-4888

Pitbull/Frenchie Puppies For Sale
Bridgeport, CT
Call: 315-908-7005

Alternative Place to Purchase A Pitbull Puppy

Pitbull Breeders in Other States

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What Is The Average Price for A Pitbull Puppy in Connecticut?

The average price for a Pitbull Puppy in Connecticut is $1,500.

This includes all types of Pitbulls, including American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American Pitbull Terriers.

The price may vary depending on the breeder, the specific type of dog, the litter size, and more.

What Are The Most Popular Types of Pitbulls in Connecticut?

The most popular types of Pitbulls in Connecticut are American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American Pitbull Terriers.

These dogs are all very popular due to their loyalty, intelligence, and strength.

Pitbulls make great family pets and are excellent guard dogs as well.

Is It Possible to Find a Free Pitbull Puppy in Connecticut?

Yes, it is possible to find a free Pitbull puppy in Connecticut.

However, we recommend that you avoid these puppies and seek out reputable breeders instead.

This will ensure that the puppy has been well cared for and had all of its shots, as well as being properly trained.

Most reputable breeders charge between $500 to $2500 per puppy, with an average price of around $1,500.

“Free” dogs usually don’t end up being all that free.

They tend to have behavioral issues and may be more prone to illness.

If you are still interested in a free puppy, make sure to do your research and meet the parents prior to making any decisions.

Whatever you decide, we wish you the best of luck!

How to Find A Reputable Pitbull Breeder in Connecticut

7 steps to help you find a reputable breeder:

1. Do your research and find breeders that are knowledgeable about the breed, responsible in their breeding practices, and committed to producing healthy, well-socialized puppies.

2. Talk to past puppy owners – ask them what they thought of the breeder’s professionalism, attitudes towards their dogs, and quality of care throughout the entire process.

3. Look for positive reviews online or on social media platforms – a good breeder will have many satisfied customers who will be happy to share their experiences with others looking for a reputable breeder.

4. Schedule visits to meet the puppies and any adult dogs living at the kennel or facility – take note of how clean and organized everything is; look for obvious signs of abuse or neglect, like signs of overbreeding.

5. Ask to see health clearances and test results for each parent – reputable breeders will have this information readily available, even if it means having it sent directly from the vet.

6. Seek out references from current puppy owners – be sure to follow up with these references and ask questions about the entire process, including what type of support and guidance they received after bringing their puppy home.

7. Find out where your puppy came from – a good breeder will already have thought through all aspects of breeding, including how puppies are selected and socialized before ever leaving their facility.

If you are looking for a reputable pitbull breeder in Connecticut, these are a few things you should keep in mind.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Pitbull Dog Breeder in Connecticut

Here are 8 helpful tips to spot an unethical dog breeder:

1. They don’t give you any health information about the dog.

2. They don’t let you see where the puppies are being raised and kept.

3. They don’t respond to your questions or concerns in a professional manner.

4. Their dogs look poorly taken care of, with matted fur, fleas, etc.

5. They charge higher prices than other breeders for inbred puppies with many congenital defects.

6. The breeder is not an ethical animal lover who puts the dog’s welfare first; their main goal is making money by selling as many puppies as possible no matter what it takes to do so, even if it means disregarding ethics in order to cut corners and save money.

7. They are not registered with any Kennel Clubs or other professional organizations.

8. They do not have a license to breed dogs in their state/province.

If you see any of these red flags, it’s best to walk away and find another breeder who will be more open and transparent with you.

A good breeder will have nothing to hide and will welcome your questions as they want to ensure you’re finding the right dog for your family.

Visit Your Connecticut Pitbull Breeder in Person

If you are searching for a reputable Connecticut pitbull breeder, the best thing you can do is visit one in person.

You can get an idea of the conditions that your puppy was raised in, as well as how they interact with other dogs, humans, and children.

The staff should be willing to show off their facilities and happy breeding pairs. If anything looks or smells fishy, walk away from there and find another breeder.

Questions to Ask Your Breeder

Ask for References from Your Pitbull Breeder in Connecticut

If you are serious about getting a puppy, be prepared to ask questions.

Take the time to talk with your prospective pitbull breeder before making a final decision. If they don’t want to answer your questions, that’s not the breeder for you.

Speaking with references will allow you to get a sense of what their experience was like and whether they would recommend the breeder. Any reputable CT pitbull breeder should have references available upon request.

Be sure to ask about health clearances, temperament, and energy levels when speaking with references.

You want to be sure that you are getting a healthy puppy with a good temperament that will fit well into your lifestyle.

Ask Your Connecticut Pitbull Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

If you are looking for a reputable pitbull breeder in Connecticut, ask if you can meet past customers.

This will give you the opportunity to ask them about their experience with the breeder and get an idea of what type of dogs they produce.

A good breeder should have no problem putting you in touch with satisfied customers.

Past customers can give you firsthand information on factors like the breeder’s knowledge of dog breeding, the general health of the dogs, and the quality of customer service.

It can also give you an idea about the breeder’s breeding practices and whether they follow recommended health protocols for their dogs.

Make sure to ask these potential customers if they were satisfied with the size and temperament of the dog and whether the breeder was responsive to any health concerns.

Be Wary of Backyard Breeders And Puppy Mills

Unfortunately, there are many backyard breeders and puppy mills operating in Connecticut.

These breeders are more interested in making a quick buck than producing healthy, well-adjusted puppies.

They often keep their dogs in cramped, unsanitary conditions and do not provide them with proper medical care or socialization.

As a result, puppies from these breeders may be sickly and have serious behavioral problems.

To avoid supporting this cruel industry, ask your breeder if you can see where the dogs are kept.

If they refuse, this is a red flag and you should not consider purchasing one of their puppies.

Does Your Connecticut Pitbull Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

As a responsible pittie owner, you should always keep your dog in good health.

This means providing them with the best possible food, exercise and love.

You may also need to buy pet insurance for them so that any illnesses or accidents can be covered by the insurers.

But above all of these things, it’s important that you visit a vet regularly.

And when it comes to choosing the right one, there are many important factors to consider.

Ask The Connecticut Breeder if Your Pitbull Puppy Has Any Health Problems

It’s important to ask the breeder about the health of their pups.

Some common health problems in Pitbulls include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and congenital heart defects.

You will want to make sure that your pup doesn’t have any of these conditions before bringing him home.

If not taken care of, these defects can be expensive and may require surgery.

What Type of Health Guarantee Does Your Connecticut Pitbull Breeder Offer?

What type of health guarantee does your Connecticut Pitbull breeder offer?

If you are looking for a pitbull puppy that comes from healthy parents, you need to ask this question.

It is always important to find out how well-cared-for the parent dogs have been and what kind of medical history they have before making a final decision on which Connecticut pitbull breeder you would like to purchase your puppy from.

The more informed you are about the breed and the specific breeders in your area, the better chance you have at finding quality puppies that will grow up to be happy, healthy adult dogs.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Pitbull Puppy

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when welcoming your new dog into the family:

1. Designate an area of the house as the “puppy zone.” That way, you can prevent your pup from wandering around and getting into mischief when you’re unable to supervise them. You may want to set up their crate or bed here, along with their toys and other supplies that they’ll need. Additionally, this is where they’ll go whenever they need a time out.

2. Make sure that there’s plenty of room for your dog to roam. This will mean letting them outside on a regular basis, playing with them indoors, and providing them with lots of toys and chew bones to keep them occupied.

3. Start crate training your pup as soon as possible. This will help them feel comfortable in their new environment and make it easier for you to potty train them.

4. Be prepared for accidents. Puppies have a lot of energy and sometimes they just can’t help but pee or poop indoors. Have some cleaning supplies on hand to deal with any messes that occur.

5. Establish a routine for your puppy from the start. This means feeding them, walking them, and letting them out at the same time each day. Consistency is key when it comes to successful potty training.

6. Finally, be patient with your new pup. They’re learning everything for the first time and it will take some time for them to adjust to their new home.

With a little love and patience, they’ll be a part of the family in no time.

Potty Training Your New Pitbull Puppy

  • You’ve finally brought home your new Pitbull puppy. Now it’s time to start training him so he grows up to be a great family pet.
  • Potty training is the biggest challenge for many puppy owners, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think.
  • In fact, most dogs are house-broken by age 4 months and can learn through consistency and positive reinforcement.
  • Here are some tips on how to potty train your puppy in Connecticut:
  • Make sure that you use only positive reinforcement techniques when potty training your Pitbull puppy.
  • This includes verbal praise along with treats or toys, and never scolding or physical punishment. Your pup will quickly get confused if you punish him for doing what comes naturally.
  • Designate a specific potty area for your puppy and take him there regularly.
  • If you live in an apartment, this may mean setting up a small fenced-in area on your balcony or patio. If you have a yard, choose a spot that’s far away from the door so your pup doesn’t learn to associate going to the bathroom with going for a walk.
  • Take your puppy out often – at least once every hour – and after any meals or naps.
  • As he gets older, you can start to space out the intervals between potty breaks.
  • Be patient and consistent, and soon your puppy will learn that he needs to “go” outside. Good luck with your new puppy.

As you can see, potty training a Pitbull puppy can be challenging, but it is definitely possible with some patience and consistency.

Make sure that you always use positive reinforcement techniques like praise and treats, and set up a designated potty area for your puppy to use regularly.