8 Boxer Breeders In Pennsylvania PA

Boxer Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

Thank you for inquiring about Boxer puppies for sale in Pennsylvania. This will be a very exciting time. Below we have provided some information on Boxers and the experience of purchasing a Boxer puppy in Pennsylvania.

Boxers are one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. They are intelligent, very outgoing, and have a love for people that is second to none. Boxers are extremely loyal dogs so it’s important if you are planning on bringing home two puppies that they will become best friends otherwise one may feel left out or jealous.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

They are also highly energetic dogs. If you’re not looking for a dog that needs exercise, then this may not be the breed for you. They will need to run and play every day so if you don’t have a yard for them or can’t provide enough exercise they may become restless, hyperactive, and destructive.

Boxers are very easy to train due to their intelligence and eagerness to please. However, they do need training early on in life in order to ensure that they grow up with good manners.  It is especially important that when training your Boxer puppy that you are patient because Boxers will test your boundaries in order to learn what they can get away with.

If these traits sound appealing then boxer is the right breed for you and we’re here to help.

Boxer Breeders List in Pennsylvania

Breeder Location Phone Website
B J’s Farm LLC Narvon, PA 717-445-6485 Website
Willow Rose Boxers Waymart, PA 570-493-7623 Website
Shaddai Kennels Tower City, PA 717-926-6648 Website
Jades Boxers Lanse, PA 814-321 6980 Website
Howdi Boxers Kunkletown, PA 610-681-2744 Website
Ivan Fisher Honey Brook, PA 610-273-3014 No Website
Darvin Zimmerman Shippensburg, PA 717-241-8220 No Website
Gina Cooper Linesville, PA 814-818-0144 No Website

Boxer Breeder Details in Pennsylvania

B J’s Farm LLC
Narvon, PA
Call: 717-445-6485

Willow Rose Boxers
Waymart, PA
Call: 570-493-7623

Shaddai Kennels
Tower City, PA
Call: 717-926-6648

Jades Boxers
Lanse, PA
Call: 814-321 6980

Howdi Boxers
Kunkletown, PA
Call: 610-681-2744

Ivan Fisher
Honey Brook, PA
Call: 610-273-3014
No Website

Darvin Zimmerman
Shippensburg, PA
Call: 717-241-8220
No Website

Gina Cooper
Linesville, PA
Call: 814-818-0144
No Website

Alternative Places to Purchase a Boxer Puppy

Boxer Breeders in Neighboring States

For the complete list please see our Listings of Boxer Breeders page.

What is The Average Price for A Boxer Puppy in Pennsylvania?

Boxer breeders can be found throughout Pennsylvania but prices fluctuate based on location within the state. The bigger brand-name dog kennels tend to charge more than small hobby breeder kennels. However, the latter is more likely to have less experience and may not yet know proper breeding practices.

The average price for a Boxer puppy in Pennsylvania is between $350 to 1200. The median price for boxers throughout Pennsylvania was around $630 dollars as of according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Prices vary depending on location within the state because there are pockets with lower demand and pockets with a higher demand for boxers. Bigger cities tend to have more financial competition from other breeders so sometimes prices can be lower in nearby rural areas.

Please note that the average price does not include breeding rights included with the purchase of the boxer puppy which varies based on location within Pennsylvania. For example, if you’re looking at purchasing a show quality dog from an AKC breeder the price may be significantly higher.

How to Find A Responsible Boxer Breeder in Pennsylvania

There are plenty of responsible Boxer breeders in Pennsylvania. The best way to find one is through our list of breeders on this page. Another way is to ask for recommendations from friends or family members that have purchased a Boxer puppy in Pennsylvania before. Other ways to research breeders may include searching for reviews of the breeder through Yelp, Google+, and also looking up your local veterinarian to see if they can make any recommendations.  If you are having trouble finding a responsible breeder please reach out to us.

Visit Your Pennsylvania Boxer Breeder in Person

It is always best to visit your boxer breeder in person before deciding on purchasing a puppy. This way you can see the conditions that the puppies are living in. If possible, try to check out more than one litter before committing to buying a puppy.

  • Do they look happy and healthy?
  • Are their cages clean?
  • Do they have any health issues?

By visiting the breeder in person you can also see the temperament of the adult dogs. Boxers are energetic, playful dogs so you’ll want to be sure that they have a high energy level which is typically passed on to their puppies.

Visiting your potential breeder in person is one of the most important steps of selecting your puppy.

Questions to Ask

Ask for References from Your Boxer Breeder in Pennsylvania

Be sure to ask for references from the breeder as well as talking to other owners that have purchased a Boxer puppy from them. This can be anyone from past or current customers as long as they are satisfied with their purchase.

References will be able to give you a better idea of the level of service and care that your breeder provides. They can also tell you if they were happy with their boxer and if a boxer might be the right breed for you.

Ask to See The Breeding History of Your Breeder

Before purchasing a Boxer puppy you will want to ask if they have a copy of the parents’ pedigree papers which list a bit of their history. This can tell you how many champions are in each parent’s bloodline as well as who those champions were. It is important that your boxer has been bred by someone with experience and respect for the breed so be sure to check out the breeder’s background.

Ask Your Pennsylvania Boxer Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

This is a great way to personally verify that you’re going to get a healthy dog, with no known health issues and the breeder is reputable.  Meet some of their past Boxer customers in person so you can ask questions.

Meeting past customers will also give you an idea of the breeder’s social skills. It will give you insight into their customer support after the sale should something unforeseen come up with your pup. If the breeder is rude or acts disinterested it’s a good indication they are not active in their business and won’t be there for you if/when needed long term if you have any issues.

Get References – Don’t be afraid to ask your breeder for at least 3 references from past customers who have purchased pups from them.  Call these people up, introduce yourself & explain what you’re looking at getting, ask them how it went when they picked up their dog, did anything unusual happen, do they have pictures of the litter, etc…

Does Your Pennsylvania Boxer Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

You should be able to find out if your breeder uses a Veterinarian for their dogs and also where you can take your puppy for his check-ups.

Reputable breeders will always have their own vet they use and recommend. This is not only a sign that the breeder takes good care of their animals, but it’s a good indication that they are familiar with all of the necessary vaccinations, medications, tests & procedures needed for an upstanding boxer dog.

Don’t forget to ask about Pet Health Insurance Options or Boxing Club Membership Fees when buying your Boxer Puppy in Pennsylvania

The cost of health insurance for boxers varies depending on the age of dog you purchase so it’s best to do some research and find out what your options are.  An average plan for a boxer in their prime will cost around $200 to $300 per year which covers things like vaccinations, heartworm preventative medications, flea & tick prevention and surgery.

Ask The Pennsylvania Breeder if Your Boxer Puppy Has Any Health Problems

It’s extremely important that you always purchase your boxer from a breeder who provides a clean bill of health to their puppies.  Reputable breeders will offer written documentation showing the breeder has given vaccinations, de-worming & microchipping prior to sale.

A good breeder/veterinarian relationship is what ensures that your Boxer Puppy will be healthy upon purchase.  A reputable breeder will also provide ongoing care, recommendations and support long-term on an ongoing basis to their customers for the life of the dog.

Be sure to visit the veterinarian within 48 hours of bringing your new boxer home. This gives you plenty of time to make any necessary complaints or ask any questions about shots/meds, etc… And allows you ample time to start them on heartworm preventative medication if they aren’t already.

Make sure all necessary paperwork is provided along with the puppy, including AKC registration papers.  Also, be sure your Boxer Puppy is at least 8 weeks old before taking him home so he can have all his vaccinations and get settled in.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Boxer Puppy

Finally, you want to make sure your home is ready for the addition of a new Boxer Puppy in Pennsylvania after they are old enough to be taken from their mother.  Be sure that they have a secure area where they can get away from children if needed, and they can still see everything going on around them.  Don’t give them too much room at first because most boxers don’t like new things & it’s best to keep them on the safe side for their first few weeks with you…

A new puppy should never be left alone until he has acclimated himself to his new surroundings.  Introduce him slowly to everyone in your family, not all at once or he will become overwhelmed.

Puppy-proofing your home is necessary so they don’t get into anything that’s dangerous.  You should remove things like trashcans, houseplants, electrical cords or anything else that’s dangerous & replace it with puppy safe items. Most puppies will chew on things they shouldn’t so be sure to keep an eye on them for the first few weeks, especially when you’re not home.

Potty Training Your New Boxer Puppy

Potty Training is a very important part of your new boxer’s life.  You want to be sure they potty outside, not inside the house so you will need to take them out often when they’re first adjusting and also monitor them for signs that they need to go.

Most puppies will use something like a newspaper in their crate or an indoor grass mat while you’re away but it’s still up to you to make sure they don’t have any accidents while living with you.

It can take several months (or even years) for some boxers (especially males) to get better at going outside instead of using the bathroom inside… But regular consistency & patience on your part will benefit both of you in the long run.

How to Cope with Boxer Bites And Scratched up Furniture

Boxers are very smart and loving dogs but can be aggressive at times because of their strong personalities.  It’s important for you to establish yourself as the leader from day one or they will take over, which isn’t good because it could lead to health problems & big behavior problems…

It can be challenging to cope with a new Boxer Puppy who is misbehaving or who bites often, but getting them into obedience school ASAP is very important.  You should also invest in chew toys like Kongs that they can chew on without destroying your shoes, couches and other things around the house.

A great alternative to having them always on a leash is getting a dog crate, putting it in the living room and letting them sleep there at night.  We highly recommend investing in a larger sized one because your boxer will grow up to be a very big dog & you don’t want to have to purchase a whole new crate before he even gets comfortable with his.

Lastly, sit down with your children and teach them how they need to behave around their new family member.  Boxers are very loving dogs but can snap or bite if they’re too rough or wild so explaining this behavior beforehand can help prevent any serious injuries from occurring later on as well as stop bad habits from forming such as hitting/kicking…

These are some tips to help guide you toward Boxer puppies for sale in Pennsylvania PA. As long as you ask the right questions and remember those above points it should be easy enough to find yourself a well-bred boxer puppy.