8 Chihuahua Breeders in Georgia GA

Chihuahua Breeders in Georgia GA

Chihuahua Puppies for Sale in Georgia

ReadPlease is the best place to find top-quality Chihuahua puppies for sale in Georgia.

Our mission is to connect responsible breeders with loving families who will provide the best homes possible. We only work with reputable breeders who follow strict guidelines set forth by the American Kennel Club. This ensures that all of our puppies are healthy, well-socialized, and free from genetic defects.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

Chihuahuas have gained popularity in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. These little dogs are affectionate, intelligent, and loyal companions. They make great lapdogs and are excellent for city living. If you’re looking for a Chihuahua puppy in Georgia, ReadPlease is the perfect place to start your search.

We offer a convenient and efficient way to find the perfect puppy for your family. Simply browse through our list of Georgia breeders, and find the breeder that best meets your needs. You can then contact them directly to learn more about their puppies and arrange a meeting.

Finding the right Chihuahua breeder doesn’t have to be a hassle. With ReadPlease, it’s easy to find a reputable breeder in Georgia.

Chihuahua Breeders List in Georgia

Breeder Location Phone Website
Petland Dundywood Atlanta. GA 404-982-4623 Website
Jerries Pet Place Fort Valley, GA 478-825-0846 Website
Petland Mall of Georgia Buford, GA 678-582-2469 Website
Georgia Puppies Online Marietta, GA 678-502-0930 Website
Petland Dalton Dalton, GA 706-226-7387 Website
Darlene’s & Bradford’s Chihuahuas Chickamauga, GA 706-866-8741 Website
Violeta Cucchiara Tifton, GA 954-295-1402 Website
Lost Mountain AKC Grand Champion Bloodlines Winston, GA 404-310-7800 No Website

Chihuahua Breeder Details in Georgia

Petland Dundywood
Atlanta. GA
Call: 404-982-4623

Jerries Pet Place
Fort Valley, GA
Call: 478-825-0846

Petland Mall of Georgia
Buford, GA
Call: 678-582-2469

Georgia Puppies Online
Marietta, GA
Call: 678-502-0930

Petland Dalton
Dalton, GA
Call: 706-226-7387

Darlene’s & Bradford’s Chihuahuas
Chickamauga, GA
Call: 706-866-8741

Violeta Cucchiara
Tifton, GA
Call: 954-295-1402

Lost Mountain AKC Grand Champion Bloodlines
Winston, GA
Call: 404-310-7800
No Website

Alternative Places to Purchase a Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahua Breeders in Other States

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What Is The Average Price for A Chihuahua Puppy in Georgia?

The average price for a Chihuahua puppy in Georgia is $600. This price can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the breeder’s experience, the litter size, and the puppies’ parentage.

Some breeders may also charge additional fees for things like vaccinations and deworming.

Be sure to ask questions about the puppies’ health, temperament, and lineage. A good breeder will be able to provide you with all of this information and more.

Is It Possible to Find A Free Chihuahua Puppy in Georgia?

If you’re looking for a free Chihuahua puppy in Georgia, it’s important to be aware of the many scams that exist.

There are many people who will try to take advantage of unsuspecting animal lovers by offering them free puppies, only to ask for money later on down the road. Be sure to do your research and only work with reputable breeders in order to avoid being taken advantage of.

How to Find A Responsible Chihuahua Breeder in Georgia

When you’ve decided that you want to add a Chihuahua to your family, it’s important to do your research and find a responsible breeder.

Here are some tips on how to find a reputable Chihuahua breeder in Georgia GA:

  • Ask around. Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers who might have experience with Chihuahuas or other breeds of dogs. They may be able to recommend a breeder or tell you about their own positive experiences.
  • Do your homework. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential breeders, take the time to research each one. Check out their websites and social media pages. Read online reviews. And most importantly, visit the breeder’s facility in person to get a feel for their operation.
  • Ask questions. When you visit a breeder or speak with them on the phone, be sure to ask lots of questions. Find out about their breeding practices, health testing, and socialization methods. Also, be sure to ask about the Chihuahuas they have available and if they will have any litters in the near future.
  • Get references. A good breeder should be able to provide you with references from past customers who are happy with their Chihuahuas. These references can be invaluable in helping you make your decision.

Choosing a responsible Chihuahua breeder is an important first step in adding one of these delightful dogs to your family. With a little time and effort, you can find the perfect breeder and end up with a cherished furry friend for life.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Chihuahua Dog Breeder in Georgia

When it comes to finding Chihuahua breeders in Georgia GA, there are definitely some things that you need to watch out for. Unfortunately, not all breeders have the best intentions and there are those who will take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

Here are some signs that an unethical breeder may be running a business in your area:

1. They Don’t Require Home Visits or Background Checks

A reputable Chihuahua breeder will always require a home visit or background check before selling any puppies. This is to ensure that their dogs are going to good homes and that the buyers are prepared to provide proper care. An ethical breeder will also want to make sure that their dogs are not being sold to puppy mills or research facilities.

2. They Don’t Health Test Their Dogs

Health testing is important for all breeds, but it’s especially crucial for Chihuahuas. These dogs are prone to a number of health problems, including heart defects, patellar luxation, and hydrocephalus. A responsible breeder will have their dogs health tested before breeding them to help reduce the chances of passing on these conditions to their puppies.

3. They Don’t Require a Spay/Neuter Contract

A good breeder will always require that their puppies be spayed or neutered before they reach a certain age. This helps to prevent overpopulation and unwanted litters of puppies. An unethical breeder may not require this, or they may charge extra for puppies that have not been spayed or neutered.

4. They Don’t Offer a Health Guarantee

A health guarantee is an important part of any puppy sale. This ensures that if there are any health problems with the puppy, the breeder will be responsible for covering the costs of treatment. A breeder who doesn’t offer a health guarantee is not confident in the health of their dogs and puppies.

5. They Have a Large Number of Dogs and Puppies

Many unethical breeders keep a large number of dogs and puppies on their property. This can lead to poor living conditions, including overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, and lack of socialization.

There are many more signs of unethical breeders but these are the telltale signs. Avoid a breeder that exhibits any of these traits.

Visit Your Georgia Chihuahua Breeder in Person

When looking for a reputable Chihuahua breeder in Georgia, always visit the breeder’s facilities in person. A good breeder will have nothing to hide and will be happy to show you around their premises.

This will give you a chance to see the conditions that the dogs are kept in, and to meet the parents of the puppies that you may be interested in.

Ask lots of questions, and make sure that you are comfortable with both the breeder and the conditions that the dogs are being kept in. A good breeder will be able to answer all of your questions, and will also be happy to provide references from other satisfied customers.

Questions to Ask Your Breeder

Ask for References from Your Chihuahua Breeder in Georgia

When you contact a potential breeder, be sure to ask for references from other people who have purchased puppies from them. These references can give you some insight into the quality of the puppies and the level of customer service that you can expect.

References will be able to tell you whether or not the breeder was easy to work with, if they were able to answer all of your questions, and if they would recommend the breeder to others.

Be sure to follow up with references, and take the time to talk to as many people as possible in order to get a well-rounded idea of what you can expect from the breeder.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions so that you can be sure that you are getting a healthy puppy from a reputable source.

Ask Your Georgia Chihuahua Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

If your breeder is located in Georgia, you should be able to easily meet some of their past customers. This is a great way to get first-hand information about the quality of puppies and the service that the breeder provides.

Meeting past customers will give you valuable insights into what to expect when dealing with the breeder. You will also be able to determine if the breeder is reputable and trustworthy.

Make sure that you take the time to speak with at least 3 to 5 past customers before making your final decision.

If the breeder is unwilling or unable to provide references or past customer information, this could be a warning sign that you should look elsewhere.

Does Your Georgia Chihuahua Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

You do not want to purchase a Chihuahua puppy from a breeder who does not have a good relationship with a veterinarian that they use on a regular basis.

A good breeder will be able to provide you with the name and contact information of the veterinarian that they use so that you can get in touch with them and ask any questions that you may have. It is important to find out if the vet is experienced in dealing with Chihuahuas specifically, as they are a very unique breed of dog and require special care.

Ask The Georgia Breeder if Your Chihuahua Puppy Has Any Health Problems

When you’re looking for a new Chihuahua puppy, be sure to ask the breeder about any health problems that may affect your pup.

Some common health problems in Chihuahuas include heart murmurs, patellar luxation, and hypoglycemia. Be sure to get a written health guarantee from the breeder before taking your puppy home.

All breeds have health problems, as an owner, you just want to know which health problems your puppy is prone to.

What Type Of Health Guarantee Does Your Georgia Chihuahua Breeder Offer?

When looking for a Chihuahua breeder in Georgia, it is important to find one that offers a health guarantee. This will ensure that your puppy is healthy and free from any genetic defects.

A health guarantee is a contract between the breeder and the buyer that states that the breeder will replace the puppy if it is found to have any health problems within a certain time frame.

Most Chihuahua breeders in Georgia offer a one-year health guarantee, but some offer longer terms. Be sure to ask about the health guarantee before you purchase a puppy from a breeder.

What Type Of Temperament Guarantee Does Your Georgia Chihuahua Breeder Offer?

In addition to a health guarantee, you should also look for a Chihuahua breeder in Georgia that offers a temperament guarantee. This will ensure that your puppy has a good personality and will be easy to train.

A temperament guarantee is a contract between the breeder and the buyer that states that the breeder will replace the puppy if it is found to have any temperament problems within a certain time frame.

Most Chihuahua breeders in Georgia offer a one-year temperament guarantee, but some offer longer terms. Be sure to ask about the temperament guarantee before you purchase a puppy

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Chihuahua Puppy

When you’ve decided that a Chihuahua is the right breed of dog for you, it’s time to start preparing your home for your new arrival. While these pint-sized pups don’t require a lot of space, there are still some things you’ll need to do to make sure your home is safe and comfortable for your Chihuahua.

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for a Chihuahua is to puppy-proof it. This means going through your house and removing anything that could be harmful or dangerous to a small dog. Some common hazards include:

  • Small objects that could be swallowed, such as coins, buttons, and toys with small parts
  • Toxic plants, such as lilies, azaleas, and aloe vera
  • Medications and cleaners that are within reach
  • Small spaces that a puppy could get stuck in, such as holes in walls or furniture
  • Sharp objects that could cut or puncture the skin
  • Dangling cords or wires that a puppy could chew on

Another important thing to do before bringing home your Chihuahua is to create a safe space for them. This can be done by setting up a small area in your home with all of the things your pup will need, such as food and water bowls, toys, a bed, and any other essential items.

Potty Training Your New Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahuas are known for being difficult to potty train, but with a little patience and consistency, it can be done. The key is to begin training as soon as possible and be consistent with the process. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Create a designated potty area for your puppy: This could be in the backyard, on a balcony, or even in a small bathroom. Stick to this spot and take your pup there regularly so they know it is their designated potty area.

2. Take your puppy out frequently: Puppies need to go out, especially after they wake up from a nap or have eaten/drank something. Puppies have small bladders and cannot hold it for very long.

3. Be patient: It will take time for your puppy to learn. Do not get angry or frustrated if there are accidents, just clean them up and continue with the training.

4. Reward your puppy: Reward your puppy when they do their business in the designated potty area. This could be with a treat, toy, or simply verbal praise.

5. Don’t scare them: If you catch your puppy in the act of having an accident inside, startle them with a loud noise (such as clapping your hands) and immediately take them outside to their potty area.

By following these tips, you will be on your way to successfully potty training your new Chihuahua puppy.