10 Doberman Breeders in Michigan MI

Doberman Breeders in Michigan MI

Doberman Puppies for Sale in Michigan

If you’re looking for a Doberman puppy for sale in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at ReadPlease, we have gathered a listing of some of the best Doberman breeders in Michigan.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

Whether you’re looking for a puppy or an adult, we have the perfect one waiting for you.

Doberman puppies have become a popular choice for families and households, thanks to their active personalities.

If you’re ready to find your new furry friend, take a look at the Doberman breeders listed below.

Read on to learn more about Doberman and Doberman breeders.

Doberman Breeders List in Michigan

Breeder Location Phone Website
S/W Michigan Sky Country Kennel Paw Paw, MI 269-628-5421 Website
Qaletaga Dobermans Morrice, MI 989-494-2091 Website
Lyndobe Dobermans Belleville, MI 734-461-0730 Website
Jessica Parraghi Croswell, MI 517-775-9669 No Website
Austin Smith Lapeer, MI 810-656-7665 Website
Misty Lawrence Clinton Township, MI 586-932-8380 No Website
Scott Stauffer Detroit, MI 313-899-0208 No Website
MarJay Dobermans Lake Odessa, MI 616-881-9851 No Website
Arayvus Kennels Oak Park, MI 248-506-3228 No Website
Brenda Blanchard Mulliken, MI 517-930-2280 Website

Doberman Breeder Details in Michigan

S/W Michigan Sky Country Kennel
Paw Paw, MI
Call: 269-628-5421

Qaletaga Dobermans
Morrice, MI
Call: 989-494-2091

Lyndobe Dobermans
Belleville, MI
Call: 734-461-0730

Jessica Parraghi
Croswell, MI
Call: 517-775-9669
No Website

Austin Smith
Lapeer, MI
Call: 810-656-7665

Misty Lawrence
Clinton Township, MI
Call: 586-932-8380
No Website

Scott Stauffer
Detroit, MI
Call: 313-899-0208
No Website

MarJay Dobermans
Lake Odessa, MI
Call: 616-881-9851
No Website

Arayvus Kennels
Oak Park, MI
Call: 248-506-3228
No Website

Brenda Blanchard
Mulliken, MI
Call: 517-930-2280

Alternative Places to Purchase A Doberman Puppy

Doberman Breeders in Other States

For the complete list please see our Listings of Breeders page.

What Is The Average Price for A Doberman Puppy in Michigan?

The average price for a Doberman puppy in Michigan is $1,500.

However, the price can range from $800 to $2,000, depending on the breeder and the individual pup.

When choosing a Doberman puppy, be sure to visit the litter and meet the parents.

This will give you a good idea of what your pup will be like when they grow up.

Also, ask the breeder about health clearances and any potential health problems that may affect your pup.

Be sure to get everything in writing before taking your new puppy home.

Is It Possible to Find A Free Doberman Puppy in Michigan?

It is possible to find a free Doberman puppy in Michigan, but it’s not likely.

If you’re looking for a free Doberman puppy, your best bet is to check with local shelters or rescue groups.

You may also want to check online classifieds websites like Craigslist.

However, be aware that there are many scams associated with free puppies.

Only work with reputable breeders or shelters to avoid being scammed.

How to Find A Reputable Doberman Breeder in Michigan

The process of finding a reputable breeder can seem arduous but we have some tips.

Here are 6 ways to find a reputable breeder:

1. Ask around – Talk to your friends, family, and veterinarian to see if they know of any reputable breeders in the area.

2. Do your research – Once you’ve compiled a list of potential breeders, take some time to research each one.

3. Visit the breeder – Before you commit to anything, be sure to visit the breeder’s facility and meet the parents of the puppies.

4. Ask questions – Be sure to ask the breeder plenty of questions about their dogs, their breeding practices, and what you can expect from your pup.

5. Get everything in writing – Make sure you get all promises and guarantees in writing before taking your puppy home.

6. Trust your gut – If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Go with your gut and find another breeder.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding a reputable Doberman breeder in Michigan.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Doberman Dog Breeder in Michigan

Unfortunately, there are some breeders out there who care more about making a quick buck than they do about the health and well-being of the dogs they breed.

Here are a few signs that you might be dealing with an unethical breeder:

1. The breeder doesn’t require you to sign a contract.

If a breeder is unwilling to put their promises in writing, it’s a red flag. A good, ethical breeder will want both parties to sign a contract that outlines the responsibilities of each party. This contract should include things like spay/neuter agreements and the return of the dog if something goes wrong.

2. The breeder doesn’t require any health tests for their puppies or for the parents of their puppies.

All responsible breeders should run their breeding dogs through a series of health tests to make sure that they are not passing on genetic diseases to future generations. If a breeder is unwilling to do this, there’s probably a reason why – they don’t want you to know how unhealthy their dogs really are.

3. The breeder doesn’t ask you any questions about your experience with dogs and whether you have other pets at home.

A good, ethical breeder will want to make sure that you’re going to be the right owner for one of their puppies. They will ask you questions about your experience with dogs, whether you have other pets at home, and what kind of lifestyle you can provide for a new puppy.

If a breeder doesn’t seem interested in getting to know you or doesn’t care about finding the right match between you and one of their puppies, they’re probably more interested in making money.

Move on from breeders exhibiting any of these signs and continue your search.

Visit Your Michigan Doberman Breeder in Person

If you are a Doberman puppy owner, it is always a good idea to visit your breeder in person.

This way, you can learn more about their breeding practices and care for the dog or dogs that they have at their home.

You can also ask questions that arise while you’re visiting.

This will help give you peace of mind when leaving your dog with someone else during the day if it’s going to be left alone for any length of time.

It will also give you an opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with your pup before taking him home with you if he hasn’t been around other people yet.

Questions to Ask Your Breeder

Ask for References from Your Doberman Breeder in Michigan

A good Doberman breeder will be able to provide you with references from other dog owners who have purchased puppies from them in the past.

These references can give you an idea of the type of customer service that you can expect, as well as the overall health and temperament of the puppies that they produce.

When contacting references, be sure to ask specific questions about their experience with the breeder.

For example, you’ll want to find out if the other dog owners were happy with the health of their puppies, whether they felt like they received enough information about the breed before making a purchase, and if they would recommend the breeder to others.

If a breeder is unable or unwilling to provide you with references, that’s a red flag that you should look elsewhere for your new furry friend.

Ask Your Michigan Doberman Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers.

It’s not unusual for a breeder to want to keep in touch with the people who have adopted their dogs, and you should be able to get some references from past customers.

This is a good way to see how the breeder treats the people who adopt their dogs, and it can give you some insight into what kind of experience you can expect. If a breeder refuses to give you any references, that’s a red flag.

If you are able to meet past customers, don’t waste the opportunity.

Past customers can tell you a lot about their experience with the breeder, and they can also give you some idea of what the puppy is like once it’s grown up.

You can learn a lot from talking to people who have actually had first-hand experience with the breeder, so take advantage of this opportunity if you can.

Does Your Michigan Doberman Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

You want to know that the Doberman breeders in Michigan that you are working with have a good veterinarian they use for their own dogs.

This is important because it will give you an idea of the type of care your dog will receive.

A good breeder will have no problem providing you with the name and contact information of their veterinarian.

Ask The Michigan Breeder if Your Doberman Puppy Has Any Health Problems

All breeds of dogs have health problems and Dobermans are no different.

Michigan Doberman breeders should be able to tell you if your puppy has any health problems and what, if any, treatment is required.

Some of the most common health problems in Dobermans are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD).

Dobermans are also susceptible to heart conditions such as cardiomyopathy and dilated cardiomyopathy.

Knowing the health problems that your Doberman puppy may be susceptible to can help you make sure he gets the best possible care.

You should also ask the Michigan Doberman breeder about the parents of your puppy.

Dobermans are a high-energy breed and require a lot of exercise.

If the parents of your puppy are not active, it is likely that your puppy will not be either.

What Type of Health Guarantee Does Your Michigan Doberman Breeder Offer?

A good breeder will offer a health guarantee on the puppies they sell.

This is important because it shows that they stand behind the health of their dogs. It also shows that they are willing to work with you if there are any health problems that arise.

Be sure to get a copy of the health guarantee in writing and make sure you understand it before you take your puppy home.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Doberman Puppy

1. Puppy-proof your home. Just like with a human baby, you’ll need to do some safety proofing before your Doberman pup comes home. Go through your house and look for anything that could be harmful to a curious puppy. Put away cleaners and chemicals, secure loose wires, and furniture or objects.

2. Set up a safe space. Choose any room in your home as a designated “puppy zone.” Put up baby gates to block off any rooms that you don’t want the puppy to access. Your puppy should have her own food and water bowls, bed, toys, and an area where she can eliminate.

3. Get plenty of chew toys. Doberman puppies need to chew. Giving them safe things to chew on will help keep them out of trouble while they’re teething and also tire them out before bedtime so they’ll sleep better. Consider investing in some durable chewable treats as well as sturdy rubber or nylon bone-shaped toys with fetching ropes attached for hours of entertaining fun.

4. Establish rules and boundaries from day one. As soon as your puppy comes home, start teaching her the rules of the house. Show her where she can and cannot go, what she can and cannot chew on, and how she should behave around people and other animals. If you’re consistent with your rules, your puppy will quickly learn what is expected of her.

5. Get ready for some potty accidents. Puppies are not born knowing where they are supposed to eliminate, so it’s up to you to teach them. The best way to do this is through crate training. Put your puppy in her crate when she’s not being supervised so she learns that this is her “den” and should only use it for sleeping or resting. Then take her outside frequently to an area where you want her to eliminate. When she goes, praise her lavishly.

With patience and consistency, your puppy will learn where she is supposed to go potty in no time.

Potty Training Your New Doberman Puppy

If you have a Doberman puppy, you’ll want to start potty training as soon as you bring him home.

This is because it will make your life much easier in the long run and can even prevent health problems from cropping up if he has accidents frequently.

For example, if he pees on the carpet every time he wakes up from a nap before going outside, his skin may get irritated and cause irritation of his anal sacs which could lead to lower back pain for your dog.

To avoid this problem it is important that you put some time into teaching your new puppy how to use the bathroom properly right away so that you don’t have any future problems with him or other dogs sharing your home.