6 Doberman Breeders in Wisconsin WI

Doberman Breeders in Wisconsin WI

Doberman Puppies for Sale in Wisconsin

Dobermans have been bred in Wisconsin since the 1950s, and there are now several breeders located throughout the state offering high-quality puppies for sale.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Doberman puppy, be sure to do your research and ask plenty of questions to ensure you’re getting a healthy, well-bred dog.

One Thing You Need To Ask Your Dog Breeder

We have taken the liberty of organizing the top Doberman breeders in Wisconsin.

We have included a variety of different breeders located throughout the state, offering a variety of colors and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a black and rust female or a red male, we have you covered.

So if you’re ready to bring home a beautiful new puppy, be sure to check out our list of Wisconsin Doberman breeders today.

Doberman Breeders List in Wisconsin

Breeder Location Phone Website
MOA Dobermans Beaver Dam, WI 920-356-1162 Website
Achates Bostons DePere, WI 920-339-9449 Website
Element Dobermans Germantown, WI 262-391-4819 Website
Bellisa Dobermans Janesville, WI 608-751-4471 Website
Melodie Limpach Racine, WI 262-498-8689 No Website
Scotti Sarinske Iron Ridge, WI 262-490-8393 No Website

Doberman Breeder Details in Wisconsin

MOA Dobermans
Beaver Dam, WI
Call: 920-356-1162

Achates Bostons
DePere, WI
Call: 920-339-9449

Element Dobermans
Germantown, WI
Call: 262-391-4819

Bellisa Dobermans
Janesville, WI
Call: 608-751-4471

Melodie Limpach
Racine, WI
Call: 262-498-8689
No Website

Scotti Sarinske
Iron Ridge, WI
Call: 262-490-8393
No Website

Alternative Places to Purchase A Doberman Puppy

Doberman Breeders in Other States

For the complete list please see our Doberman Breeders page.

What Is The Average Price for A Doberman Puppy in Wisconsin?

The average price for a Doberman puppy in Wisconsin is $1,500.

However, prices can vary depending on the breeder, the color of the pup, and whether the dog is cropped and docked.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions and get references before you purchase a puppy from any breeder.

What Are The Different Colors of Dobermans?

Dobermans come in a variety of colors, including black, red, fawn, blue, and brindle.

The most popular color is black and rust, but all colors are beautiful.

Do All Dobermans Have Their Tails Docked?

No, not all Dobermans have their tails docked.

It is a personal preference of the breeder and owner whether or not to have the tail docked.

Some people believe that it is cruel to dock the tail of a dog, while others believe that it helps improve their appearance and/or reduce injuries.

Is It Possible to Find A Free Doberman Puppy in Wisconsin?

It is possible to find free Doberman puppies in Wisconsin. You may have to look for them a little harder than you would for other breeds, but they are out there.

Start by checking with your local humane society or animal shelter. They may have Dobermans that were surrendered by their previous owners and are now up for adoption.

You can also check online classified ads and websites like Craigslist.

Sometimes people who are unable to keep their Doberman will give it away for free rather than taking it to a shelter.

Another option is to contact a Doberman rescue organization. These groups take in unwanted or abandoned Dobermans and find new homes for them.

Some of the dogs in rescue organizations may have been abused or neglected, so they may need a little extra care and attention.

Rescue organizations typically charge a small adoption fee to help cover the cost.

How to Find A Reputable Doberman Breeder in Wisconsin

The most important part of the puppy buying process is finding a reputable breeder.

Here are 6 ways to find a responsible breeder:

1. Check online listings and directories for breeders in your area.

2. Ask friends, family, and other dog owners for recommendations on reputable breeders.

3. Visit local dog shows or competitions to see which breeders are active in the community.

4. Look for breeder associations or clubs that can help you find high-quality breeders near you.

5. Contact your local animal shelter or rescue group to see if they have information on local dog breeders who are dedicated to ethical breeding practices.

6. Do your research by looking into a breeder’s reputation, asking questions about their breeding practices and procedures, and talking to other pet owners about their experiences with that particular breeder.

By taking the time to find a responsible breeder, you can be sure that you are getting a healthy and well-socialized puppy that will be a lifelong companion.

Look out for The Signs of An Unethical Doberman Dog Breeder in Wisconsin

Unethical breeders can be difficult to spot, but there are certain warning signs that you should look out for.

These include red flags like:

  • Pricing that seems too good to be true
  • Lack of transparency about their breeding practices and procedures
  • Breeding dogs who appear unhealthy or underweight
  • Not providing health guarantees or clear contracts for buyers to sign

If you notice any of these warning signs in a breeder’s business practices, it is best to avoid them and find another breeder who can provide the high-quality puppies that you are looking for.

Visit Your Wisconsin Doberman Breeder in Person

When you visit a breeder in person, you can get a feel for their operation and see how the puppies are being raised.

It’s important to meet the parents of your puppy too.

This will give you an idea of what size your Doberman will be when fully grown as well as what his/her temperament might be like.

Be sure to ask the breeder plenty of questions about the health, temperament, and training of their dogs.

A good breeder will be happy to answer all of your questions and will want to know that you are prepared to provide a forever home for one of their puppies.

Questions to Ask Your Breeder

Ask for References from Your Doberman Breeder in Wisconsin

When you first begin thinking about buying a Doberman puppy, one of the best things that you can do is ask for references from your Doberman breeder.

Some breeders may be reluctant to give out their client’s contact information, so don’t hesitate to politely request it.

This will help ensure that you are getting the best possible information and growing your relationship with your dog.

Your Doberman breeder should also provide you with all of the pertinent health records for your pup as well as any registration papers if applicable. Make sure to carefully read over these documents and talk to other owners of puppies if available.

Ask Your Wisconsin Doberman Breeder if You Can Meet Past Customers

When you’re considering a list of Doberman breeders in Wisconsin, one thing is certain: You want to work with a breeder who produces healthy puppies, raised with the highest standards.

That’s what your potential puppy’s future hinges on. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t value in asking your breeder about the parents of that puppy you might buy. This discussion is especially important if your puppy will be bred someday.

Meeting past customers can give you insight into the quality of breeding your Wisconsin Doberman breeder provides.

Most breeders will be happy to direct you to their previous customers, or even give you contact information so they can speak with their satisfied customers in person.

By speaking with past customers, you’ll learn a lot about what it’s like to work with the breeder and get a better idea of whether or not that person can provide your future puppy with a good home environment.

If there isn’t a current customer living close by who is willing to meet up and talk about their experience working with these Doberman breeders for advice, don’t hesitate to ask if they have references you can read through.

Nothing beats personal experiences when making a decision.

Does Your Wisconsin Doberman Breeder Have A Good Veterinarian They Use?

This is an important question to ask any potential Doberman breeder.

A good veterinarian can be a valuable resource for advice and guidance when it comes to the health and well-being of your new dog.

Make sure that the breeder you’re considering has a good relationship with a reputable veterinarian who they trust and are comfortable working with.

Additionally, it’s important to find out if the breeder requires that you use their own veterinarian or if they are open to you using the vet of your choice.

Some breeders may have a preference for you to use their own vet in order to keep better track of the health and development of the puppies they sell, while others may be more flexible on this requirement.

Ask The Wisconsin Breeder if Your Doberman Puppy Has Any Health Problems

If you are planning to buy a Doberman puppy from a Wisconsin breeder, it is important to ask about the health of the puppy and if there are any known health problems in the litter.

Some common health problems in Dobermans include hip and elbow dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, heart defects, and skin allergies.

Be sure to ask the breeder about any health problems that have been found in previous litters.

What Type of Health Guarantee Does Your Wisconsin Doberman Breeder Offer?

Doberman breeders in WI typically offer some type of health guarantee for their puppies.

What are the specifics of this guarantee?

It’s important to read the fine print, as there may be exceptions or restrictions that apply. You should also find out what happens if your dog has a genetic condition that is not covered by the guarantee.

For example, if your puppy develops hip problems and they are not caused by a congenital defect, will you still be able to receive compensation from the breeder?

If so, how much money can you expect and under what conditions? These are all good things to know before buying a Doberman puppy.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Doberman Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for any family, and there are a few things you’ll need to do to get your home ready.

Below are some tips on how to prepare your home for your new arrival.

1. Puppy-proof your home. Just like with a young child, you’ll want to make sure that your home is safe for your new puppy. Go around and look for anything that could be harmful or dangerous to a small dog, such as electrical cords, small objects that could be swallowed, poisonous plants, etc. Also, make sure that any garbage cans or cleaning supplies are out of reach.

2. Set up a comfortable place for your new dog to sleep. If you’re bringing home a small puppy, this can be as simple as a soft bed in your bedroom. A larger Doberman may prefer sleeping in his own spot on the floor of another room to stay close to the family and receive attention from everyone.

3. Buy or make plenty of comfortable toys for your new dog to play with while indoors. Balls and stuffed animals are sure fun for dogs. But also consider interactive toys that will keep them occupied, such as puzzle games where they have to figure out how to move pieces around or squeaky toys that they’ll want to fetch and carry around their whole lives long.

4. Set up training sessions so that your puppy gets used to following directions at an early age. Have everyone in your family participate so that the puppy doesn’t get confused by multiple people giving him different commands. Also, talk to a local Doberman breeder to see if they have any training tips they can share with you.

These are just a few ideas on how to prepare your home for your new puppy.

If you have good experience with raising dogs and are excited about caring for a new Doberman, then be sure to do plenty of research on their unique needs and enjoy this exciting time of getting to know your new furry friend.

Potty Training Your New Doberman Puppy

Doberman breeders will often have started the potty training process for you, but there are still some things that you’ll need to do at home to ensure that your new puppy is fully trained.

Potty training can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s important to be patient and consistent with your puppy so that he or she can learn quickly.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when potty training your Doberman is that this breed is highly intelligent and will quickly catch on to what you’re trying to teach them.

However, they also have a strong sense of independence and may test your limits from time to time. It’s important to remain calm and firm with your puppy and to stick with the potty training routine no matter how difficult it may be.

If you’re having trouble with your puppy’s potty training, consider enrolling in an obedience class so that you can get some professional help.

Dobermans are notorious for being difficult to potty train, but with patience and consistency, you’ll be able to successfully potty train your new puppy in no time.